How to choose alpine skis

How to choose alpine skis

Downhill skiing is rather extreme sport in which correctly picked up equipment is of great importance. Upon purchase special attention is paid to the skier's weight, his physical training and also aggression of driving. Choosing alpine skis, it is necessary to consider the following parameters of model: length (size), width, geometry, rigidity.

It is required to you

  • - catalog of mountain skis
  • - ruler


1. Pick up correctly ski length. Calculation is made so: - 20 centimeters less than your growth if your sports preparation wishes a lot of the best. - It is 10 centimeters less than growth if to learn to ride is for you the basic purpose.

2. Pick up ski width. Narrow skis are suitable for driving on rigid, frozen slopes more: they behave on turns better, besides in them it is easier to ride on uneven hilly tracks. At the same time wide skis are steadier, don't fail in deep snow.

3. Pick up ski geometry. This concept includes such parameters as width of the sock, the heel, waist in millimeters. In certain cases also include sidecut radius in this concept that is any parameter from geometrical characteristics of the ski. All these data indicate features of behavior of the ski on different tracks and reliefs of areas. It is possible to determine purpose of skis by the sizes of the parameter called the waist. Skis which waist has the size of 68 mm are suitable for driving on unprepared tracks, skis with the waist of 70 - 80 mm will be suitable for driving on the prepared tracks and out of tracks. Mainly skis with the waist from 80 mm are necessary for extra route driving.

4. Pick up rigidity of the ski. The rigidity of the ski decides on the help of the computer and depends on rigidity of the sock, the waist and the heel. Division into several types, such as soft (soft), average (medium) and rigid (hard) means the concept "rigidity". Soft skis will be suitable for driving on friable snow and also will be convenient to beginners as they fit into the turn better. Rigid skis though demand great efforts for the entrance to turn, but and leave it more powerful. In that case usually say that "the ski shoots".

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