How to choose clothes for mountain skis

Thousands of people worldwide annually seek to subdue the highest snow-covered slopes of mountains. For skiers in such conditions it is very important to choose competently not only sports equipment, but also equipment.


1. Pick up to yourself good clothes for the first layer. The alpine skiing suit is much more difficult, than amateur athletes can imagine. It consists of many parts. For the bottom choose the qualitative layered clothing. It is designed to keep warmly for a long time. The layered clothing has to be made of special synthetic material. It is also necessary for the conclusion of moisture and support of thermal control. Never save on this layer as the usual winter clothes won't be suitable for driving on snow slopes. It won't be able to keep heat as the layered clothing so well.

2. Make the competent choice of the second layer of clothes for mountain skis. If you already have houses the warm knitted jersey, then put on it. If it is absent, then buy it in shop. Also the alpine skiing clothes made of quality fleece are relevant for the second layer. Its price is a little more expensive than knitted things, but it is worth it. Remember that this level of clothes is designed to keep heat of the body and to take away the evaporated moisture from its surface.

3. Get also the third layer for driving on the mountains. You need the qualitative jacket and trousers which have to be made of windproof fabric. This layer will well protect you from snow and the draft and also to take away the evaporated moisture from within. Of course, you can try to put on the usual jacket which you use for driving on the plain. But there is no guarantee at all that it will help to defend you in more extreme type of driving on the mountains. So it is better not to risk.

4. See how suits which to you attracted in shop are made. First, ask personnel, what vapor permeability of alpine skiing equipment. It means what amount of water it passes within a day. The this indicator will be higher, the this suit is better. Secondly, look attentively as taped seams on it. Will depend on this factor how many you will be able to use it at trips around mountains.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team