How to choose knee pads sports

How to choose knee pads sports

Sports activities are useful to health, but often there are injuries, especially in active sports (hockey, volleyball, skis, sprint). The main loadings fall on joints of legs therefore it is very important to pick up equipment correctly. Sports knee pads will help to avoid bruises, stretchings, excessive loadings, but only on condition that they are picked correctly up.

To the choice of sports knee pads it is necessary to treat with due consideration. Incorrectly picked up equipment will enhance risk to be traumatized. To avoid annoying mistakes, there are several rules, being guided by which you will choose for yourself ideally suitable knee pad.


The size range begins with the 1st and comes to an end with the 4th. The first size (smallest) will suit athletes with thin build of the body. The fourth – for large people. Remember that knee pads can significantly differ from different producers by the sizes.


The knee pad is always chosen strictly individually. During fitting you resemble a little, sit down. The knee pad has to adjoin densely to the patella, but not draw the leg at all and not to constrain movements. If is even the small feeling of discomfort, this model doesn't suit you. The relief of muscles of each person is individual therefore perhaps it is necessary to spend some time for selection of suitable equipment. Knee pads in the form of the belt clasping the leg are considered as the most convenient. It is easy to tighten the binding on two velcros on the run and to change fixing force.


Depending on sport and intensity of trainings it is possible to pick up the knee pad with additional conveniences. At occupations the volleyball often uses models with helium. Such inserts reduce risk of the trauma and soften the shot power in case of falling. The helium insert takes the form of the knee of the athlete over time, and also provides additional ventilation. Neoprene knee pads perfectly fix muscles and the knee, at the same time aren't afraid of moisture. They can be used at occupations water sports. If from long loadings the patella became mobile, then in this case the knee pad with function of support of the knee will approach. For athletes who already had knee injuries, the knee pads strengthened by the additional inserts allowing to record strong the joint are recommended. And due to silicone laying the knee pad densely adjoins to the leg and isn't displaced during the movement. There are knee pads of easy extent of fixing. They have no velcros, they aren't adjusted precisely on the leg therefore it is important not to be mistaken with the size.


As well as when choosing any sports equipment, the price often depends on quality. Good knee pads from the checked producer won't cost little. It is better to spend a little more, than counted and to buy qualitative equipment, than to risk to be traumatized.

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