How to choose pampers for cyclists

How to choose pampers for cyclists

The comfort and health of the goer depends on quality and features of tailoring of specialized clothes for cyclists. Special cycle pampers will help to avoid scrapes of skin because of excess sweating.


1. The question of selection of equipment of the cyclist it is necessary to treat also seriously, as well as the choice of the bicycle. Degree of comfort of driving, safety and prevention of appearance of characteristic injuries of the goer will depend on the right choice of sportswear and accessories. "Pampers of the cyclist" - one of important parts of professional equipment, almost irreplaceable if it is planned to spend on the bicycle saddle the long time and to overcome long distances.

2. What represents pampers of the cyclist? It is the strong kapron or suede laying with the made foam filler sewed in special cycle shorts. The main task of this laying is to take away excessive moisture and excess heat from the body of the cyclist and to prevent emergence of scrapes on skin. The pampers consist of several layers which top and side part, as a rule, have the antibacterial covering, and internal – the filler providing the anatomic adherence of laying to the body.

3. Choosing pampers for the cyclist, first of all it is worth paying attention to the cut of cycle shorts: when tailoring equipment, anatomic peculiarities of the male and women's body, their difference in proportions are considered. In the form of cycle laying happen several types and consider not only anatomy, but also the bicycle saddle form, and style of driving. Landing of the cyclist racer and cyclist preferring free style strongly differs, respectively, when choosing pampers it is necessary to consider this feature.

4. The most popular is the V-shaped form of cycle pampers since the doubled back part considerably increases flexibility of laying and allows to adjoin to the body of the cyclist most densely. The following in popularity are pampers of the cyclist with the roundish back part: the dense substrate extinguishes vibrations and well will amortize kicks at trips around the uneven road. Pampers for cyclists in the form of hourglasses are brought closer to the anatomic shape of the human body, and in men's and women's models of shorts differ with only sizes.

5. Besides these details, choosing clothes with cycle pampers, it is worth paying attention to the following nuances: - the pampers have to be sewn to shorts accurately, without the sticking-out threads and rough seams – at long driving such seams will strongly grate skin; - material of which cycle pampers are made can be both with antibacterial impregnation, and without it, preference should be given the first; - don't put on underwear if you use shorts with cycle pampers: linen will grate skin and to prevent removal of sweat; - when choosing pampers the preliminary fitting is extremely important for the cyclist: too close shorts cause stagnation of blood in legs and quickly grate skin.

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