How to choose shorts for Thai boxing

How to choose shorts for Thai boxing

Equipment for the athlete is the most difficult, and at the same time, the important point, these elements show your abilities and opportunities. In particular, there are some rules concerning the dress code in tournaments and competitions therefore pay the greatest attention to selection of such element as shorts for Thai boxing.

The first what it is necessary to pay attention to is the fabric from which shorts are sewed. It very strong can also bear even powerful skidding shots from the opponent and also will sustain falling with sliding on the ring. It is provided with the threefold thread from which weave material for tailoring and also the special system of breed therefore you shouldn't be engaged in this process independently, get only signature models.The second, not less important point is the registration of shorts. They have to be bright and correspond to the general view of equipment, that is everything has to be in tone on color, the pattern and drawings. Ahead the inscription which symbolizes the nickname of the athlete, his name or the name of club in which the fighter is engaged is often represented. At the same time, the inscription can be followed by the image of the animal which symbolizes your opportunities. These parameters are obligatory at the admission on the tournament or the competition if the athlete doesn't correspond to the dress code, then on the ring his organizers can not allow. The Thai boxing, besides the fight, for the spectator has to represent the certain show, otherwise ratings will be rather difficult to be raised.

Combining equipment for the general appearance, it is necessary to consider such elements as mongkon, representing the head bandage, or pradzht (the bandage on the hand) which tie at the level a little above the biceps and symbolize strength of mind of the athlete. Most often, they are spun the coach, or by athletes. And so, shorts for Thai boxing have to be in the same tonality, as these elements. Other equipment can match primary color of shorts, but, nevertheless, supplement the general view of the athlete.

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