How to choose single combat

How to choose single combat

The large number of people of both sexes and all age are engaged in different types of single combats. Some – just for maintenance of physical shape, others – are going to compete at competitions and to defend honor of the country. Nevertheless, everyone chose single combat, based on certain principles.


1. Decide for yourself why you decided to be engaged in martial arts. The most common cause – desire to defend itself and the relatives in possible attacks. But there are also others, not less weighty: to become more developed physically, to strengthen moral spirit, to become more dexterous, flexible, mobile, etc. But it is impossible to forget also that in such sports as boxing, sambo, kickboxing it is possible to receive categories (belts) and to compete at competitions, winning money prises. It is possible even to think of professional career of the athlete and coach.

2. Look at videos of matches of the type of single combats which was pleasant to you. Let's say you decided that you want to learn to fight back and at the same time to construct successful career. The club of boxing or fight will be suitable for you. Both of them are the Olympic types of single combats. Find rollers on which sparrings and competitions of these sports are shown in the Internet. If to you they appeared to liking, then it is sign that you will like to be engaged. If they seemed to you too injury-causing, esteem about oriental martial arts, such as wushu, to nyat-us where, etc.

3. Ask authoritative opinion of the taken place professionals. It is always very important to find people who in practice had training by any given type of martial art. Now you can make it very simply. Pass on one of hundreds of forums at which discuss advantages and shortcomings of single combats. Example of such resource: Ask all questions interesting you to visitors of this resource.

4. Attend classes of section of martial arts. As soon as you made for yourself the certain list of several pleasant directions, find in the Internet information about sections in your city. Come to each of them and decide in what to you will be engaged most comfortably from the psychological point of view. After 3-4 visits of different sections you will already be able to tell rather precisely where you want to train. Be occupied few months and define whether the chosen single combat is pleasant to you, or not.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team