How to choose the bicycle for the girl

How to choose the bicycle for the girl

Women differ from men on the anatomic building - at them shorter the torso, already shoulders, it is less than length of hands, more tiny than the brush, the basin is wider. These features are considered by producers of bicycles when create models for girls.


1. In sports shops, lines of models of the bicycles which are specially developed for girls are presented. These models are evident because of the structure of the frame at once, it at them is strongly underestimated. Now for such structure of the frame there are no special bases, this design was created in those days when women didn't wear trousers, and by bicycle with the usual frame in the dress won't do a bit of traveling. Now girls seldom go to the trip to the dress or the skirt, it is much more convenient to put on shorts or jeans. On the other hand, with the underestimated frame it is much more convenient to get on the bicycle - it isn't necessary to raise the leg highly.

2. Besides the underestimated frame, women's models of bicycles are equipped with narrower wheel, shorter connecting rod, wider saddle. Producers try to make distance between the wheel and levers of brakes less. At last, women's bicycles it is simple more beautifully - they have more rounded shapes, the bright coloring, interesting prints. If you need the bicycle for slow trips around the city, you shouldn't suffer with men's model, safely take model women's and enjoy care of the producer.

3. On the other hand, at the underestimated frame the rigidity is strongly reduced, it is impossible to be engaged in sports driving by bicycles with it. In general by such bicycle it will be difficult to pass the big distance therefore it won't approach and as tourist. Proceeding from it, the girls wishing to buy the bicycle for active holiday will suit men's model more. Usually men's bicycles of small sizes perfectly are suitable for girls.

4. For the rest the choice of the bicycle for the girl differs in nothing from the choice of the bicycle for the man: select the bicycle under the type of driving, try to choose models of well-known companies with the high-quality equipment, surely make test journey in shop. If the bicycle, by it the minimum of excess devices like the back shock-absorber, the tripping, wings as these elements will have very poor quality has to be inexpensive and will fail soon, it is better to buy the cheap bicycle with the minimum complete set as all resources by production are enclosed in it intelligently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team