How to choose the exercise machine for group of muscles

How to choose the exercise machine for group of muscles

The variety of exercise machines is capable to bring into confusion of the beginning athlete. The choice of the sports equipment should be begun with definition of what group of muscles needs trainings and what exercise machine can solve this problem.


1. The range of modern exercise machines impresses with the variety and allows to find the athletic physical build as in the conditions of the equipped gym hall, and at home. But before starting trainings in the hall or to acquire sports equipment for house occupations, it is necessary to understand properly – for what groups of muscles it is intended any given exercise machine and what problems to it it is necessary to solve.

2. The gluteuses which are strengthening joints and ligaments of the lower extremities and at the same time training the respiratory and cardiovascular system belong to the exercise machines designed to influence sural, bederny types of sports cardiosystems. These are racetracks, exercise bikes, steppers, elliptic exercise machines (orbitrek). Besides, for deeper study of muscles of legs power simulators with the possibility of adjustment of loading are used: the platforms allowing to carry out the leg press; cargo block exercise machines.

3. The following types of exercise machines are suitable for study of muscles of the press: various benches with adjustment of the tilt angle; the rowing exercise machine imitating rowing with the possibility of adjustment of ongoing efforts; "the Roman chair" - the exercise machine with the seat and basic rollers for legs; vertical walls. The majority of exercise machines for study of the press provide also simultaneous loads of muscles of upper extremities.

4. For the training of group of pectoral muscles power simulators are used generally. The butterfly exercise machine giving also load of muscles of hands concerns them; various crossovers; benches for the press in the prone position, sitting and semi-sitting; lever and cargo block exercise machines "Hammer. As the cardiovascular machine the elliptic exercise machine and rowing is suitable for study of muscles of the breast.

5. The training of the triceps is made, as a rule, by means of the block exercise machines having the possibility of adjustment of weight and various vertical stances bars. The main load of the biceps is provided with exercises with the post and dumbbells. The biceps is developed also by exercises with the free weight or the post, and as the exercise machine Scott's bench having the emphasis for hands and adjustment of bending of the frame is most often used.

6. The back represents several muscular groups therefore for its training the greatest number of power simulators is used, perhaps: various block exercise machines with adjustable loading; exercise machine "butterfly", "Roman chair"; exercise machines with T-shaped draft, imitating pulling up of the post to the stomach; benches with the adjustable tilt angle and the emphasis for legs; rowing exercise machine and all types of the expander.

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