How to choose the rug for yoga

How to choose the rug for yoga

Having begun to practice yoga, sooner or later you will face need of the choice of the special rug for occupations. The qualitative carpet will help you to master quicker asanas and will reduce risk of possible injuries.


1. Pay attention to material of which the rug is made. Most often on sale rugs from PVC meet. Among them are presented to model of both low price category, and high. Expensive options are brought closer on quality to products from natural material. The best rugs for yoga are made of natural rubber. They are distinguished by the increased durability and stickiness. And the stickiness is very important quality of such rug. Also on sale it is possible to meet rugs from material under the name Thermal Plastic Elastomer. It hypoallergenic and easier in relation to the natural rug.

2. You don't pursue low cost. If you are able to afford to spend for equipments for occupations, buy more expensive and qualitative rug for yoga. The supplier of cheap options is China. A little above on level of quality there are Taiwan carpets. Passing to expensive options it is possible to allocate models of sports brands of Adidas, Reebok, Nike and Puma.

3. Often producers of goods for yoga reinforce rugs by means of the strong goal net. The strengthened rug is subject to extension less and is more durable. Use of not reinforced rug is expedient only if for you its main qualities are the compactness and ease.

4. Length of the chosen rug has to depend on your growth and the type of practice in which you are engaged. If you practice dynamic yoga, take the rug with the stock. For most of fans of yoga use of the rug of 183 cm is enough.

5. The carpet is thicker, the more softly on it to be engaged. The most universal option is thickness in 6 mm. Rugs with smaller thickness are more compact, but they poorly hold heat. Therefore it is possible to stop on this option if you need to transport the carpet often.

6. As far as possible choose the symmetric laying. On the rectangular rug it is simpler to observe symmetry of asanas.

7. The qualitative rug well absorbs moisture, thanks to the increased porosity of material of which it is made. If you strongly sweat during the occupations, give preference to the natural rug. As additional protection against moisture it is possible to get the special cover for the carpet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team