How to choose the type of yoga

How to choose the type of yoga

The yoga is not physical education more likely outlook, means of achievement of harmony of soul, the body, spirit and reason. There is the set of the directions of yoga. Choose for yourself what more suits you for health reasons and to temperament. Be not afraid to try the new directions. Eventually you will find the practice. And for a start – the small educational program.


1. You Hatkha-yogazaymitsya by Hatha yoga if your purpose – achievement of the universal pacification, harmony, acceptance of and the world. It is possible to call this type of yoga classical. At it there are static poses asanas, pranayama (breathing exercises), meditative practicians.

2. The Kundalini-yogakundalini-yoga aims to wake the sleeping Kundalini's energy. This type of yoga suits healthy people more as not so just to execute some asanas, and it is even more difficult to keep in certain poses during the effect of time, necessary for achievement.

3. Ashtanga-yogayesli you are fidgets, the mobile person, ashtanga-yoga is thought up especially for you. Fast change of poses, the high exercise stress assuming that practicing it is in good shape is characteristic of this direction.

4. Ayengara-yogaotdayte preference to this type of practice if you lead not the really mobile life. Ayengara-yoga is slowly and with the scrupulous accuracy the carried-out asanas. Poses are simple and therefore practice suits people with any extent of physical training.

5. Viny-yogayesli to you needs to get rid of consequences of the physical trauma, the viny-oga can become the best choice. Here the correctness of performance of poses is sacrificed to comfortable feelings. Viny-yoga – the most sparing type of practice which is characterized by the fact that here practice adapts to training, and not vice versa.

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