How to choose tracking boots

How to choose tracking boots

Gathering in the campaign where under legs there will be not the asphalt any more, and the earth, snow or rocks, pick up the corresponding footwear in which to you it will be comfortable. Councils how to choose tracking boots, will help you to pick up correctly the footwear, suitable for active holiday, capable to sustain all loadings.


1. Before choosing tracking boots, consider the route of the forthcoming campaign, complexity of the land relief, need the lasagna on the mountains, steep slopes, rocks and also the weight of your backpack, and then start selection of suitable footwear. First, visit specialized shops where boots for active holiday are presented, and look at the range. Take socks which you will be able to put on boots and if you usually use special insoles – that and them. Give preference to the tracking boots made manually of modern materials, avoiding the models made on the product line.

2. Secondly, to pick up tracking boots, choose model with top from genuine leather of considerable rigidity in which the ankle will be well recorded. Give preference to boots with the minimum quantity of seams as models which top is sewed from large pieces of dense skin are considered as the most rigid. In such boots you easily will be able to put the leg the edge, for example, on the steep slope, without being afraid of possible dislocation. Pay attention to the sole which has to have the thick polyurethane shock-absorber and also the plastic or leather instep support for giving of footwear for active holiday of considerable rigidity.

3. Considering that the choice of tracking boots now quite wide, consider models which sole is characterized by the special bend that the leg was conveniently rolled from the sock on the heel. The sole of boots has to be rubberized on all perimeter, and for ensuring normal level of water tightness many producers of sports shoes use the special membrane. Thirdly, surely try on tracking boots before their purchase, selecting them precisely for the size as rigid footwear is practically not worn in.

4. Select the size of the boots suitable you so that thumbs of legs didn't reach the footwear sock a little, and the lacing strong covered top of your anklebones. If you picked up the footwear size for the campaign correctly, there has to be the gap between the heel and the back wall of the boot before while you don't lace up such footwear. Thumbs of your legs shouldn't touch socks of boots, otherwise this footwear during the campaign will rub. Trying on tracking boots, avoid acquisition of the model too big by the size as in this case you risk to rub during the campaign callosities on heels.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team