How to come to the form after the delivery

How to come to the form after the delivery

Here, at last, you became young mother. Undoubtedly, this very joyful event. Everything is it seems good, but you notice that you gathered many extra kilos during pregnancy, and once ideal figure has no that attractive appearance any more. What to do and how to return the body to the former form? You shouldn't be depressed and to ruthlessly exhaust yourself with wearisome diets. For this purpose you need to adhere to the following recommendations:


1. You nurse if you have the breast milk as when feeding you provide to the child all necessary valuable and useful substances in order that it had the healthy immunity, and also without any efforts you lose additional calories daily.

2. Correct the habitual food allowance, for a start stop to gorge on after six o'clock in the evening and whenever possible reduce amount of sweet and flour products. Try to eat soups, fast meat, the baked vegetables, muesli and other low-calorie food. Have more liquid, for example, green tea with the lemon which satisfies thirst and lifts the tone of all organism.

3. Walk with the child in the fresh air more, it is useful not only for you, but also for your kid. Move even when you put the kid to bed, for example, hop when you swing him in the carriage or the cradle.

4. Begin to play sports or at least do simple exercises with the small amount of exercises, but it is better to make it on the expiration of several months after the delivery to avoid various complications.

5. Adhere to the daily routine, it is especially important to get enough sleep as the person who doesn't fill up wants to eat twice stronger, than the person who has well a rest and got enough sleep at night.

6. Use special creams which are intended for giving of elasticity to skin. Allocate time and surely you descend on massage which will allow you to relax and set result, and even to correct what didn't manage to be made, namely - to tighten the tummy. And the most important in this situation is to love itself such what you are. You are happy that you became the mother, and the happy woman can't be ugly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team