How to conduct the physical education class

How to conduct the physical education class

Physical education – one of the most important school objects. If other objects develop mental activity of pupils, then the physical education is responsible for development of the body. Some beginning teachers can't be determined by the occasion of correctness of teaching physical education. If you also treat them, article stated below will be interesting to you.


1. Begin the lesson with construction and organizational issues. The teacher has to maintain discipline in the class therefore it is impossible to consider construction and delivery of the official report formality.

2. Begin with warm-up. It is the obligatory element of the training of each athlete and obligatory usloviyesportivny training. Warm-up can be divided into two parts. In the first part we pursue the aim – to warm the organism, generally. Here smooth run, warm-up of extremities, trunks, bendings will approach. The second part of warm-up consists in preparation of breath and blood circulation. In this part it is possible to do accelerations, breakthroughs, more intensive exercises.

3. You pass to the main part. Here the teacher has to conduct already work with pupils, show some new technique, for example it is possible to teach children to run from low start. This exercise is suitable both for boys and for girls. Except viewing the technique from outside, pupils have to test the new technique. Also they should run the short distance from low start. If at someone, it is impossible to perform exercise correctly, it is necessary to carry out at once correction of mistakes if time allows.

4. You pass to the overall physical fitness. Push-ups and raising of the trunk will be suitable for boys, lying on the back. Girls will suit jumps on the jump rope instead of push-ups more, but raising of the trunk will be useful also to them.

5. Sum up the results. Usually at the end of occupation, the teacher builds pupils in the rank and sums up the results of the carried-out work. If it is required, then the teacher has to give homework before dissolution of pupils.

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