How to construct trainings

How to construct trainings

To construct the body which you want you have to plan the trainings and strictly observe the schedule. In case you plan them incorrectly, you can overtrain that is fraught with burning out and the overload of muscles that won't result in desirable result but only will increase time for its achievement.

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1. Allocate four main groups of muscles which you will train every day. Distribute these training days in chessboard order, alternating them with days of rest. In case one day of rest for you isn't enough, use two days of rest, but it is no more.

2. In the first day pump over legs. Work on the car for the press or on squats on the post, right after it perform leg extentions exercises. After that you pass to the exercise machine for bending of legs. Arrange yourself small rest and work the press - top, lower and side muscles of the press.

3. Devote the second training day to pectoral muscles and the triceps. Carry out the press on the direct and inclined bench, respectively do distributings on the direct and inclined bench. Whenever possible supplement work on the breast? exercises on the exercise machine for pumping of pectoral muscles. After that perform three-four various exercises on extensions of hands.

4. In the third training day study shoulders. This group of muscles needs to be studied separately for achievement of the maximum result. Carry out raising of dumbbells before yourself, behind yourself and on each side for work on deltas, also do raising of the post over yourself.

5. The fourth day has to be devoted to the back and bicepses. To pump over the back, use the top and lower drafts. The more you train the back, the more return, remember it. For pumping of the biceps use bendings of hands with the post and dumbbells, performance of exercises on the special bench isolating the biceps is desirable.

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