How to count dish caloric content

How to count dish caloric content

To eat properly and with advantage for the organism, it is necessary to know that each person is individual, and, therefore, and organisms at all various and need the different number of calories. To define the necessary number of the calories necessary for you, it is pretty simple. If you decided to count energy value of dishes which you ate during the day, then it will take some time for the first time, and then it will be already much simpler to make it. For calculation of caloric content of the dish it is necessary to have the table in which calories of all products are painted. Such tables usually are in recipe-books, also they can be found in the Internet. There are several councils necessary for you for calculations of calories:


1. Collect labels from products which you ate during the day. Check presence of the inscription on packing with the indication of calories in 100 grams of the product. Define the product category as, for example, hundred-gram eggs don't happen therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the second symbol of marking of each egg, he also specifies category of this product.

2. Decide on components of products in the dish. Weigh each product separately as all calorie charts are calculated on 100 grams of the concrete product. Add exact quantity, but not approximately necessary products which are accurately specified in the recipe of dishes, such as grain, vegetables, meat, etc.

3. Summarize the caloric content of all dish, and after that count the caloric content of one portion. Note the number of calories which you ate behind reception of this dish. Arrive also with the subsequent meals during the day.

4. Bring the total number of the calories consumed during the day. After you decided on energy value of food which was eaten during the day, compare all these data with the table of necessary daily number of the calories necessary for you taking into account all features of your work and the lifestyle. Perhaps, you should correct the diet.

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