How to create the ideal figure

How to create the ideal figure

We choose sport for creation of ideal ourselves. Why sport?


1. First of all let's be defined that the ideal figure means. Look at the photo. Obviously: ideal not equally thin. Ideal - put means harmonious, in proportion.

2. How does the sport help to create the ideal figure? 1. At the training it is possible to burn from 200 kcal to 1000 kcal in 1 hour (depending on sport, initial body weight, etc.).2. Metabolism increases. Even at rest the organism spends more energy for restoration after the training. 3. The physical activity leads to increase in level of adrenaline in blood that accelerates disintegration of fats. 4. To provide the organism with energy, fat is split generally, muscles, on the contrary, become stronger. Therefore, skin becomes more elastic, the body gets attractive forms.

3. We choose power the trenirovkikhoroshy option for thin girls who have the difference between growth and weight makes more than 114. For example, growth 160, weight 43, the difference means it is equal to 117. It is necessary to work over muscle bulk. It doesn't mean that aerobic trainings are contraindicated to thin girls. Just they won't help to construct the ideal figure. At thin there is the fatty tissue too and if to burn it what will remain?

4. We choose aerobic trenirovkiaerobny loadings will be useful to those who have the difference between growth and weight makes 102 or less. For example, with the growth 162 you weigh 60 or more, it means that you have the excess weight. Cardiotrainings are obligatory for weight loss. The efficiency will increase if after kardio you "shake".

5. We combine power and aerobic trenirovkiyesl the difference between growth and weighing from 103 to 114, the deviation from the ideal ratio means (about 112) isn't so great. Such people can advise to combine aerobic and power trainings. If the purpose to lose weight, then we place emphasis on aerobics (for example, 3 aerobic trainings and 1 power). If it is necessary to gain weight, we do everything on the contrary (3 power and 1 aerobic)

6. Vyvod1. Just it is better for thin girl for a start "to rock", the necessary weight.2 won't be gained yet. The girl with the excess weight needs first of all aerobic loading.3. Almost it makes sense to combine with ideal weight to the girl power trainings and aerobics.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team