How to define, normal weight or not

How to define, normal weight or not

Obesity – the disease of our century. However there are cases when the person considers himself full, without having on it the slightest reasons, except the subjective point of view. Meanwhile, the concept "ideal weight" exists, and it is quite objectively. Ideal weight is calculated by different formulas.

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1. Simple formulaeto the most widespread way to calculate the normal body weight. Take the growth in centimeters and take away from it number: - 110 if you are the woman; - 100 if you are the man. The result – your normal weight. If actual weight considerably differs from it upwards – boycott the fridge and go to the gym.

2. The formula of BMI (body mass index) Take the weight in kg, divide into growth in meters, before that squared. Result – your body mass index. By norm consider BMI within 19-25. BMI of less than 19 signals about the lack of weight, more than 25 - about excess weight, more than 30 – about obesity, more than 40 – about severe obesity.

3. Formula Lorentsa1. From the growth (in cm) take away 100;2. Then again from the growth (in cm) take away 150 and halve the received result; 3. From the number received in Paragraph 1 take away the number received in Paragraph 2. Result – your ideal weight.

4. The formula BongardaVozmite also increase the growth (in centimeters) by bust measurement. Divide the number received as a result into 240. Result – your ideal weight. So, for example, with the height of 160 centimeters and the bust measurement of 96 centimeters the weight in 64 kilograms will be ideal.

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