How to define the type of the physical build

How to define the type of the physical build

The efficiency of occupations in the gym directly depends on correctly chosen training program. Therefore first of all on the way to ideal appearance it is necessary to define the type of the physical build.

It is required to you

  • — mirror;
  • — centimetric tape;
  • — assistant.


1. Undress and get up directly in front of the mirror. Fixedly consider the figure, paying attention to proportions. If you have the short neck, the round face, weak muscles, and on hips and buttocks rather large supply of fat, then you treat endomorphic type of the physical build. The long trunk, the wide thorax, perfectly developed muscles at representatives of mesomorphic type. The main characteristics of the person with ectomorphic type of the physical build — long extremities, the short trunk, the narrow breast and shoulders.

2. Determine type of your constitution by Solovyov's method. Measure the wrist in its thinnest place. If your result is less than 15 cm for women and 18 cm for men, then you possess the asthenic physical build which is characterized by long extremities, the thin neck and insufficiently developed muscles. The wrist at women in 15-17 cm and at men in 18-20 cm is indicated normostenichesky proportional addition of the body. The result more than 17 cm at women and 20 cm at men meets at representatives hyper sthenic, or shirokokostny, the physical build. Hips and shoulders at such people wide, and legs short.

3. Define value of the epigastralny corner. Get up facing the assistant. Bare the top part of the trunk to the belt. Ask the assistant to put hands on your breast so that tips of thumbs connected in the point of the convergence of the lowermost twelfth pair of edges. Other fingers have to lie in the intercostal space. Make the breath the full breast and be late in such situation. Let your assistant will measure value of the epigastralny corner formed by the lower edges by eye. If the value of the epigastralny corner is less than 90 degrees, your type of the figure asthenic if it is more than 90 degrees, hyper sthenic, and if this right angle, you the representative of the normostenichesky figure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team