How to determine the level of physical training

How to determine the level of physical training

If you decided that in your life there isn't enough sport what not bad to work over improvement of the figure and to strengthen health, don't hurry to load yourself with the exhausting exercises, especially, if your youth already remained behind the threshold. Before the occupations it is expedient to define what loadings for you are admissible. It is quite good to consult with the doctor and to undergo medical examination, including, to make the cardiogram. The expert will be able to help you to calculate the level of loading and to pick up exercises.


1. Level of muscular endurance is the traditional push-up from the floor. Men carry out the test fully, in the lying support, and women – from knees. Note time and begin to be wrung out. Try that your stomach didn't touch the floor. If you aren't able "to hold on" even minute, so the level of your endurance very low. Very good result – push-ups within three minutes and more. Keep in mind that this test should be carried out only if you didn't work and didn't strain the muscle.

2. Cardiorespiratory endurance: within 12 minutes at the maximum pace you walk the racetrack or just the street, and then try to calculate what distance you managed to pass. If you couldn't overcome distance of 1.6 km, the level of endurance doesn't maintain any criticism; more than 2.4 km – result excellent.

3. One more way of determination of endurance consists in measurement of pulse after loading. Get up before the step or the low bench (height of 30 centimeters). Note time – 4 minutes during which you should rise at fast pace by the eminence and to fall. Do it in 4 movements: you rise by the bench one leg, you put another, you fall by one leg, then you lower another. Then measure pulse. If it doesn't exceed 90-94 beats per minute, can congratulate yourself: you are hardy. But consider: if you high growth, and the bench has to be higher.

4. The flexibility of ligaments, sinews and muscles is defined so. At first warm up a little: run about, make turns, squats, etc. Then exactly sit down on the floor and move apart the foot of legs on distance 25 cm. Make the mark in the level of heels. Put together hands and begin to bend slowly forward, without bending knees. Too note the extreme point of contact of fingers. Measure distance between two marks: if fingers promoted further heels on 5 cm and less, your flexibility leaves much to be desired, 20 and more than a cm – very good indicator.

5. Get up directly on the floor, barefoot. Put legs on width of shoulders, and rest hands against sides. Then close eyes and raise one leg above, trying to keep balance. If you manage it within 20 seconds and more, then you possess good coordination, 5 seconds – coordination weak.

6. When you determine the level of physical training by different parameters, write down results. Then, having been occupied within one and a half months, again repeat all these tests. Periodically check the results to learn whether you make progress and whether it is necessary to correct the personal program of trainings.

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