How to develop flexibility

How to develop flexibility

The flexibility is the range of movement in joints. For each joint it can be various. Systematic exercises can promote that joints will develop the maximum flexibility. The special set of exercises which is called stretching is for this purpose developed. As the flexibility depends on elasticity of muscle fibers which increases with temperature increase, and exercises for development of flexibility are done only after warm muscles.


1. Before beginning performance of exercises on development of flexibility, do exercises with bendings, squats and spins of hands and legs in shoulder and hip joints. Gradually increase scope and range of movements. After that it is possible to start exercises on development of flexibility.

2. Flexibility of hands and shoulders. 1. Link hands before the breast, then straighten from forward, to the right and to the left, having twisted palms forward. 2. Put hands on the chair back, execute several bendings forward. Execute elastic rockings, as much as possible taking away hands. 3. Link hands behind the back in the lock, straighten elbows, take away shoulders back and raise hands. 4. Raise the left hand up, bend it in the elbow and put the palm on the back. The right hand press on the elbow of the left hand, delaying it down. Change hands.

3. Flexibility of legs. 1. Get up directly. Slowly bend, touching by hands of the floor and trying to put on it palms. Don't bend the leg. 2. Standing on one leg, bend the second and tighten to the breast. Replace legs. 3. Standing on one leg, take the hand of the same name foot of the second leg and slowly extend it aside. 4. Sit down on the floor, as much as possible part legs in the parties, do slow bendings forward, laying down the breast on the floor. 5. Lunge. Put palms on the floor from two parties from foot. Without tearing off palms from the floor, straighten the leg.

4. Flexibility of the trunk. 1. Get up in the straddle stand, bend to the right leg, touching by heel hands, replace the leg. 2. Having bent forward, undertake hands shins, make several elastic bendings, helping themselves hands and trying to touch by the forehead legs. 3. Sit down on heels, raise hands up, lean back back and lay down on the floor. 4. Kneel, part them as it is possible more widely, deliver to the shin in parallel each other, make bendings forward, leaning on forearms.

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