How to develop flexibility of the backbone

How to develop flexibility of the backbone

Flexible backbone - pledge of the healthy back. Special exercises will help to develop natural flexibility. Carry out them every day and you will soon notice considerable results.


1. Sit down in Turkish, you hold the back directly, behind the back link fingers in the lock. On the breath pull the top up, with the exhalation lower the chin to the neck basis. Begin to twist the case forward, stretching the back. Direct the top down, trying to concern it the floor, at the same time don't tear off the buttock from the surface. Stay in the pose 1 minute. On the breath carefully straighten the backbone, representing as if you put each vertebra into place. With the following breath pull the top up, extending the backbone.

2. Don't change the home position, only transfer palms to knees. On the breath direct the stomach forward and as much as possible open the thorax, having pulled shoulders back. Lower the chin to the neck basis. Hold situation 1 minute. With the breath return the backbone in the initial position.

3. Get up on the right knee, straighten the left leg, and take precisely aside. Extend hands up, reach the backbone for the top. With the exhalation incline the case to the left, put the palm on the extended hip, and continue to pull the right hand over the head. Carry out bending 1 minute. On the breath slowly become straight, raise hands up and reach for the top. Repeat bending to the right, having traded the leg places.

4. Sit down on the floor, extend the left leg before yourself, and right bend in the knee and put the heel in the groin. Place the left palm on the right knee, extend the right hand before yourself. With the breath be twisted in the backbone to the right side, put the palm behind the back on the floor. You hold the pose 1 minute. Raise the right hand up and with the exhalation return to the home position. Repeat twist to the left side, having changed legs and hands in places.

5. Lay down on the floor, bend legs in knees and put the foot about buttocks, put palms under shoulders. On the breath raise all body up, having unbent legs and hands. Receive the pose "bridge". Hold the pose not less than 10 seconds. With the exhalation lay down on the floor. Attract knees to the stomach, and direct the chin to legs. Having rounded the back, rock on it back and forth 1 minute. On the breath lay down on the floor and relax.

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