How to develop the ankle

How to develop the ankle

In terms of anatomy the ankle joint is thought up by the nature ideally. It is steady, reliable and strong. The ankle habitually assumes all weight of your body. But at the same time offices of traumatology in hospitals are constantly crowded, and, alas, 20-30% of the total number of injured are musculoskeletal system injuries. As soon as possible to return to the system, be engaged in physical therapy for the ankle. The same exercises will allow you to avoid injuries in the future.

It is required to you

  • - chair;
  • - tennis ball;
  • - wooden box with low sides;
  • - small roundish pebble;
  • - large buttons;
  • - platform or step 10-15 cm high.


1. Lay down on the back. Slowly bend and unbend toes. Then begin to part feet in the parties. Accurately turn out them outside, holding heels not movably. Slightly move apart legs and execute turns of foot inside. Have a rest 1-2 minutes and repeat exercise.

2. Sit down on the chair. Enclose under knees the roller from the blanket or the soft tissue so that feet didn't reach the floor. On weight carry out slow spins by feet clockwise, then against. Have a rest 1-2 minutes and execute bendings of feet in the vertical direction. At first raise fingers as it is possible above, and then pull them down, trying to reach the floor. Carry out this movement serially, then at the same time two legs.

3. Having restored movements in the ankle joint, begin to perform exercises for the gastrocnemius muscle and muscles of the arch of foot. Raise feet on socks, then be slowly rolled on heels. Perform these exercises at first serially, then at the same time. Begin to do this exercise sitting on the chair when feet and calves get stronger it is possible to carry out it with the support on the chair or the table, having transferred the main body weight to hands.

4. Put the tennis ball on the floor and roll it the leg, trying to mass area of the arch of foot first of all.

5. Scatter large buttons on the floor and collect them by toes. At first perform these exercises sitting. Then try to collect buttons, standing on one leg, and holding the second suspended.

6. Hammer together the strong wooden box with height of sides of 5-10 cm. Fill in it roundish pebble or not revealed pine cones. Daily within 5-10 minutes you go on box contents barefoot.

7. It is very useful to go for strengthening of the ankle joint on heels, socks, external and inside of feet. Do this exercise obligatory at the movement on the apartment, for example, to the bathroom go on the outside of the foot, and back – on internal.

8. Get up on the edge of the low platform or the step. Heels have to be given for the edge. Slowly rise on tiptoe as it is possible above. Feel how ligaments of the ankle joint stretch. Also slowly fall down, trying to reach heels the floor. Perform exercise with the safeguarding. Let the table or the chair that in case of balance loss you could help yourself hands stand nearby. If your legs are healthy, this exercise can be performed with burdening, having picked up dumbbells.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team