How to develop the hard shot

How to develop the hard shot

Really hard shot can be received if to put it with the relaxed arm. In this case it will be sharp and biting. But how to relax hand muscles? It is quite difficult, at the attack of the muscle strain automatically. Among boxers there was the belief that to win, it is necessary to shape before fight for luck the horseshoe. Business, of course, not in the horseshoe, and that at kick by the hammer or the sledge hammer necessary muscles relax. Add to it several exercises, and your kick will find necessary force.

It is required to you

  • - automobile tire;
  • - sledge hammer;
  • - hard carpal expander;
  • - easy dumbbells;
  • - parallel bars.


1. Replace work in the smithy with kicks by the sledge hammer on the rubber tire. Let the tire will be driven in the earth or just lies on the plain surface. Beit the sledge hammer on the tire from all directions to develop the muscles involved in drawing various kicks. Choose the tool with the welded handle, so you will secure yourself against the sledge hammer sletaniye during kicks.

2. To weaken the biceps carry out push-ups on bars. Receive the provision "emphasis on parallel bars". Legs are crossed in anklebones and slightly bent. Slowly bending hands lower the case that shoulder joints fell slightly below than elbow. The sharp push return to the home position. Make three approaches till 10-12 of push-ups.

3. To make hands more prepared, daily long work with the carpal expander. Choose the hardest copy. Squeeze it sharply, from all force, and also sharply release. Loading at this exercise is commensurable with raising of the post of big weight. The most part of effort is the share of brush muscles, it will allow you to get rid of the fat layer between muscles and to strengthen the thumb most of which often suffers at kick. Work both hands alternately.

4. Any really hard shot begins not with the movement of the shoulder. At first muscles of legs get into gear, then the movement is passed between the case and through the turn the energy goes to the hand. Work the correct movement every day not less than 10 minutes in front of the mirror. Pick up easy dumbbells. Semi-kilogram apparatuses will help to gather the sufficient speed of kick and not to pump over at the same time the muscle.

5. Very effective power building exercise of the push and relaxation of bicepses – explosive push-ups. The simplest option of such push-ups – push-ups with cotton. The home position – the lying support. Hands are slightly wider than shoulders, elbows are straightened. Direct back. Slowly lower the body until the breast touches the floor. After that sharply push out the case up, in the flight phase manage to slap hands under the breast and again return to the home position. That elbow joints didn't suffer, land on halfbent hands. Execute three approaches till 8-10 of repetitions. In the last approach execute the greatest possible number of push-ups.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team