How to do chin-ups

How to do chin-ups

Pullings up of the body on the horizontal bar is not only the part of the overall physical fitness, but also the most effective and safe exercise for maintenance of the tone of the body. When performing pullings up the observance of the technique and mode of increase in loadings is important.


1. The most widespread technology of pullings up with most of whichmost of which of athletes begins development is disciplines, this raising of the body to the horizontal horizontal bar the reverse and direct grip. Before working off of this exercise the high-quality statement of the home position will be required. Having freely hung on the hands divorced slightly more than width of shoulders it is necessary to cross legs and to bend them in knees, having arranged the shin parallel to the earth. It will be almost impossible to coil and be improved in such situation by breakthroughs.

2. Before pulling up it is necessary to make the deep breath and to reach the breast for the horizontal bar, having slightly thrown back the head and exhaling air. It isn't necessary to perform exercise too quickly or slowly: at smooth pace it is necessary to bend hands in elbows so that the chin appeared above the bar level. If it is impossible to come to such height, it is necessary to raise the body to the limit of opportunities. In the highest point it is necessary to record situation on one - one and a half seconds then it is necessary to fall smoothly to the home position, taking the deep breath. During pullings up it is necessary to strain and control the working group of muscles as much as possible: biceps, forearms and the broadest muscles of the back.

3. When the number of repetitions increases up to ten, it is necessary to start the differentiated loading, doing pullings up with the alternate grip of hands. At the narrow grip when hands touch each other, only the biceps and muscles of forearms work. On average the grip it is possible to do pullings up for the warming up and the hitch, at the same time hands it is necessary to have shoulder width apart. Wide grip is the greatest possible cultivation of hands at which the athlete will be able to carry out rise. At pullings up by wide grip it is necessary to exclude the horizontal bar grasp thumbs: so forearm muscles won't be put into operation that will allow to load the back as much as possible.

4. Alternative techniques of pulling up are also very popular and help to involve muscles instep supports. One of such techniques is pulling up by the nape to the horizontal bar: at the same time it is necessary not to throw back the head, and to incline it down, trying to concern the horizontal bar the neck basis. At pulling up "for the head" the athlete has to have well worked muscles of the shoulder girdle, otherwise there is the risk to catch the serious trauma of humeral rotatorny cuffs or the joint. Pulling up with the mixed grip when the horizontal bar is located perpendicular to the line of shoulders is also quite widespread. Such technique well develops the biceps and muscles of the forearm.

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