How to do correctly an asana a dog by a muzzle down

How to do correctly an asana a dog by a muzzle down

Adho Mukh Shvanasan's asana is translated from Sanskrit as a dog by a muzzle down, visually reminds the stretching animal from lowered headfirst and is a basic pose of yoga which awakens a body and relaxes nervous system.

Short description and variations

The short description of a pose looks so:

  1. To rise on a foot and a palm with distance from each other of 35 centimeters. To place and extend fingers of hands. On the legs put in parallel each other to strain fingers.
  2. To extend back hips and to tighten patellae. Heels have to stand on a floor. To make several breaths and exhalations.
  3. On an exhalation to level extremities and to push hips back, moving the case to legs.
  4. To remain in the final provision of 30-60 seconds, normalizing breath. During performance of the movement to hold knees and elbows straight lines, to pull in shovels and to expand a breast.
  5. On a breath to move a foot to palms and to return to Tadasana.

Important! Special remarks to exercise: the right extremities have to be on one line with the left extremities; freely it is never impossible to give the head. It can strengthen blood pressure.

There are several variations of performance of a pose a dog a muzzle down in yoga:

Equipment 1:

  1. To rise on all fours, exposing palms and knees at the level of width of shoulders. Elbows have to be equal, fingers of hands are directed forward, the back is relaxed.
  2. On an exhalation to raise knees, to straighten legs and to rise on a foot. At the termination of an exhalation of a hand and leg have to be straightened, and a back direct. The tailbone becomes the top point of a body.
  3. Final situation — to press hands into a floor, to bend an upper back, to pull in a stomach and to feel a muscle strain of a neck, back and legs. To be late in this situation on 5 full dykhaniye.
  4. On an exhalation to bend knees and to fall by them or to Balasana and to relax.

The equipment 2 of a standing position (from Padakhastasan's asana):

  1. To raise hands up on a breath, exhaling to lower them to a floor, bending forward.
  2. To transfer weight to hands and in a jump to carry legs back.
  3. To lift a basin up, straightening legs and hands, taking the form of letter L.
  4. To leave a pose, having brought one leg to the hand of the same name, then to put the second leg also, to become straight on a breath, to raise hands over the head and to lower.

Whether you know? Skilled yogis claim that many diseases can be avoided by means of a pranayama — yogichesky breath. So, the disease asthma can be shown in case of air inhalation only through the left nostril. Respectively, it is possible to cure this illness thanks to breath by the right nostril.

Advantage of exercise

The asana a dog a muzzle down bears in itself such advantage for health:

  1. Restores the lost energy; 2. Stretching a backbone in the field of cervical department, promotes removal of tension and a stress:
  • kills headaches and fatigue;
  • recovers nervous system;
  • restores concentration of attention and memory;
  • struggles with insomnia and a depression;
  1. Develops the conscious breath promoting good health and adjustment of functioning of all systems and bodies; 4. Is prevention of such diseases:
  • bronchitis;
  • inflammation of a prostate;
  • inflammatory processes on gynecology;
  • failures of menstrual cycles;
  • colitis;
  • disease of kidneys;
  • short wind;
  • stoop;
  1. Increases the speed and ease of legs at runners;
  2. Influences softening of salt spurs;
  3. Reduces pain and constraint of heels;
  4. Is effective prevention of osteoporosis; 9. Gives the form and elasticity to caviar muscles;
  5. Increases mobility of shovels; promotes an izlechivaniye of arthritis of joints of shoulders;
  6. Strengthens and stretches muscles of a breast, a back, hands, wrists, fingers of hands and legs, an Achilles sinew;
  7. Slows down heartbeat when turning a diaphragm;
  8. Softly influences inflow of blood to the head, improving complexion and updating cells of a brain;
  9. Blood circulation promotes improvement of a metabolism, removal of products of disintegration and toxins;
  10. Positively influencing abdominal organs, promotes improvement of work of a GIT. It should be noted that good points can be received from exercise in case of observance of the competent technology of performance of an asana and at regular use.

Correct equipment

Before performance of exercise of yoga it is necessary to be prepared for it — to carry out several aerobic exercises, to make an extension, to warm body muscles.

The extension consists in a smooth muscle strain of a back and a back part of legs by means of deep inclinations forward, inclinations sitting on a floor, performance of a pose of the child.

Important! It is impossible to do warm-up exercises at pain. It is necessary to come gradually to an extension, without feeling of discomfort.

Classical performance

It is possible to enter Adho Mukh Shvanasan's pose classical technology of performance both from a standing position, and from a warm-up pose of the child. The last option is more available to the beginning yogis.

At a starting position on a lap the back needs to be held exactly, to strong record extremities on a floor — the opened palms directly under shoulders, feet with the turned-in fingers of legs, heels are directed up. The person has to be directed down, at the same time the neck continues the flat line of a back without deflections.

Further it is necessary to turn into exercise level, monitoring accurate fixing of hands and legs from which it is necessary to raise vertically up basin bones, having taken several small steps forward. At the advanced level of performance of an asana by a starting position the mountain pose — Tadasana from whom on an exhalation it is necessary to lower the case in Uttanasana is. Further to deliver to a palm on a floor to one line with feet. Knees to bend and take away legs back on 130 centimeters serially. Between palms and stupnyam there has to be a distance of 30-35 centimeters.

Without tearing off hands and legs from a floor, to extend a back directly, forming between hips and the pulled-in stomach a corner 60 °. The body has to remind letter L, at the same time heels whenever possible have to adjoin to a floor surface densely.

Except asanas and pranayam today often practice also dances of yoga under the name Mandala.

It is a culmination point on which it is necessary to be late, relax, restore breath and to estimate correctness of performance of the equipment:

  • hands continue the line of a back, forearms are directed inside, and shoulders aspire outside. Fingers of hands are widely opened, a support on small pillows. The weight of an upper body is dispersed between fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulders;
  • the head also passes in the line of a back and hands and is between shoulders;
  • shoulders need to be taken away further from the head;
  • sciatic bones form an acute angle, going up;
  • direct legs;
  • feet densely adjoin to a floor.

In such situation it is necessary to stay 30-60 seconds or 5 respiratory cycles, having concentrated attention on breath. From a pose to leave best of all in the child's asana which will in passing relax body muscles. The number of repetitions of exercise has to be at desire and opportunities of an organism.

Important! The correct equal back during performance of a classical pose a dog a muzzle down — a guarantee of the exact equipment and development of a body even if other elements are not brought to an ideal.

This ideal pose of yoga turns out at many people not at once therefore it is possible to enter a pose a dog a muzzle down through facilitated technology of performance, gradually extending body muscles, leveling knees, lowering heels on a floor, removing a chair and so on. It is deeply very important to breathe, relax a neck and to remove stress on all body.

How to facilitate a pose a dog a muzzle down

If the asana first turns out badly, it is possible to do exercise by means of a chair to experience in what situation there have to be sinews.

For this purpose it is necessary to operet a chair about a wall, and to put hands on a seat. If the condition of muscles of a back does not allow to do also such exercise, it is possible to put emphasis about a chair back in the place of break of a body (internal part of a coxofemoral joint).

The back of a chair helps to remove stress from muscles of hands and legs and will provide alignment of extremities. Carrying out an asana thus, gradually need for a chair will disappear.

Adho Mukh Shvanasana's deepening

Strengthening of effect and deepening dogs a muzzle down consists in the maximum deployment of shoulders and a deflection of chest department of a back so that a parietal part of the head fell by a floor. At the same time heels need to be pressed into a floor.

It is necessary to notice:

  • At impossibility to lower a cinciput on a floor, it is possible to opirat the head about a pillow.
  • In case of a hypertension or headaches it is also necessary to use a pillow.

Whether you know? Soldiers of the American army instead of charging prefer in the mornings occupations yoga.

Typical mistakes

From frequent mistakes it is possible to emphasize the next moments:

  • reduction of the area of a support on palms;
  • transferring of weight of all body on hands;
  • lifting of the head leads to the excessive tension of cervical department and violation of a blood-groove;
  • bending of fingers of hands leads to the wrong distribution of weight;
  • excessive extension of an elbow joint can lead to its trauma;
  • thorax deflection;
  • rounding of a back and omission of a tailbone down;
  • the strengthened extension of knees can lead to an injury of popliteal sinews and joints;
  • distribution of weight to foot inside.

Possible difficulties

There are several types of an asana which use depending on the state of health and the level of an extension of a body.

  • If there are injuries or pains of wrists, it is possible to lean on fists instead of palms. At the same time the fist continues the line of a hand, without being curved in any party. The support of a hand is the share of bones and the lower phalanxes of fingers. Palms and fists can be alternated.
  • When there is a complexity in pulling of legs and direct exposure to a foot floor, it is possible to stand on socks, on fingers and on the basis of a foot. It is important not to bend a back at the same time.
  • At a weak extension and painful feelings in popliteal sinews it is possible to bend knees slightly. Gradually, carrying out an asana, the extension will increase, and legs will become more equal.
  • At back pains, when there is no an opportunity to reach a floor hands, it is possible to operet a chair about a wall and to carry out exercise, holding a seat. Also instead of a chair it is possible to lean against a wall the opened palms. At the same time it is worth to remember about a straight line of hands, necks and backs.

Whether you know? According to the official data registered in Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance in 2016 more than 36 million people practice yoga in the USA.


It is necessary to watch health at the time of performance of a pose a dog a muzzle down. At emergence of discomfort it is necessary to pass to the facilitated exercise option.

Contraindications to exercise:

  • short wind;
  • diarrhea;
  • tunnel syndrome of a wrist;
  • the increased arterial blood pressure;
  • disease of a cardiovascular system;
  • exacerbation of osteochondrosis;
  • epilepsy;
  • glaucoma, eye retina diseases;
  • antritis;
  • otitis;
  • chronic asthma;
  • pregnancy on late terms (after the 28th week);
  • rhinitis (categorically it is not recommended at rhinitis at pregnant women).

In the period of a menstrual cycle at women it is not recommended to make the turned poses not to strengthen bleeding. About possible contraindications it is possible to consult with the doctor or the instructor. Adho Mukh Shvanasan it is available practically to each person who decided to master the equipment of yoga, thanks to numerous options of its execution.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team