How to do dumbbell exercises

How to do dumbbell exercises

Far on everything can find time for visit of gym. Dumbbells remain the most popular apparatus for home trainings. And it is quite explainable. Dumbbells are compact, simple in use, and their price is quite available to most of people.

It is required to you

  • - dumbbells;
  • - stool


1. Exercises for the rukvstanta directly also take dumbbells in both hands. Slightly incline the case forward and at the same time bend hands. Repeat exercise of 15 times. Sit down on the chair, having widely placed legs. Rest the elbow of the hand against the knee. Incline the case a little forward. Bend the hand from dumbbells so that it touched the shoulder. Do exercise of 10-15 times for each hand. Get up, having put legs on width of shoulders. Take dumbbells and raise both hands up. Lower them to shoulders, parting at the same time elbows in the parties. Repeat 15 times.

2. Exercises for the plechsyadta, having slightly leaned back back. You hold dumbbells at the level of the head. Straighten hands so that dumbbells appeared over the head. Do exercise of 10 times. Get up directly. Lower hands with dumbbells, having developed them palms to the body. Raise both hands to the chin. Repeat 15 times.

3. Exercises for the zhivotavozmita the dumbbell in the left hand. Bend to the right. Do 10 bendings. Shift the dumbbell in other hand and act by analogy. Repeat this exercise, holding dumbbells at the level of the breast, and then, having recorded standing.

4. Exercises for the leg grudipostavta on width of shoulders. Take dumbbells and you hold them in hand extended before themselves. Press hands to the breast, bending and widely placing elbows. Make "scissors" outstretched arms, keeping in them dumbbells.

5. Exercises for you spinyobopritsya by one hand about the stool. Lower the second hand down so that the dumbbell which is in it concerned the floor. Tighten the hand to the breast, highly raising the elbow. Do 10 times and change hands. You lay down the stomach on the stool, at the same time having extended straight legs. Lower both hands down. Raise hands, straightening and parting them in the parties.

6. Exercises for the nogvypolnita of 10-15 squats with dumbbells. Sit down on the stool. Attach dumbbells to legs. Undertake sitting of the chair. Raise legs, unbending them in knees.

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