How to do morning exercises

How to do morning exercises

Morning exercises – the integral part of the healthy lifestyle. After awakening the body demands the necessary push that muscles became more active and going to work all day. The most optimum way which invented mankind for many centuries are the morning exercises. Don't give in to temptation longer to lie down in the bed and to wake up from the cup of coffee, the correct way of awakening will keep health in your body for long decades.


1. Begin morning exercises with small warm-up. Get up directly, hands arrange on the belt, legs shoulder width apart. Put the chin to the neck basis, make 5 circular motions at first in right, then to the left side. Receive the home position, put the head on the right shoulder, then on left, incline the head forward, then back. Extend hands before yourself, do 5 circular motions in carpal, elbow and shoulder joints. Get up on the left leg, lift right over the floor, in turn make circular motions in femoral, knee and talocrural joints. Repeat exercise on the left leg.

2. Get up directly, legs shoulder width apart, extend hands before yourself. With the exhalation sit down, hips arrange parallel to the floor. Record situation for 1 – 2 minutes. With the breath receive the home position of the body.

3. Lay down on the floor, get hands for the head, bend legs in knees. With the exhalation raise the upper body, be late in this situation for 2 – 3 seconds. On the breath receive the home position of the body. Make 10 – 15 repetitions of exercise.

4. Lay down on the stomach, extend hands along the body. With the breath at the same time raise the upper body, hands and legs over the floor. Be late for 1 minute. With the exhalation lay down on the floor and completely relax.

5. Sit down on the floor in Turkish, hands arrange before the breast, put palms before yourself in prayful gesture. With the exhalation squeeze palms among themselves, record situation for 5 seconds and hold the breath. On the breath relax. Repeat exercise of 10 times.

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