How to do parkour

How to do parkour

After emergence of such movies as "Yamakasi" and "the 13th area", in our country began to develop new extreme sport with the strange name "parkour". The parkour is not just street extreme acrobatics, but overcoming obstacles. First of all, the parkour is the practical discipline, and do it on the street, but not in the hall.

1. It is the best of all to begin studying parkour not with performance of tricks, especially on the street, and with reading and studying philosophy of parkour. As this sport in something is similar to oriental martial arts, here too there is the philosophy which needs to be received and understood that is given not to everyone. The founder of parkour David Belle considers that treyser (the people who are doing parkour so are called) need to learn to perceive "the whole world as the training platform", without creating himself barriers and borders. In other words it is necessary to learn to turn all barriers into obstacles and to learn to find mentally ways of their overcoming. The first and most important aspect of this philosophy is the ability to overcome the fear. Unfortunately, it can learn, only training on streets as there are no special mats. It is important to remember that it is much easier to master fear, performing basic tricks, but not difficult elements.

2. The next stage of occupations parkour is the studying tricks. Usually this stage begins with viewing various video uploaded on the Internet and studying descriptions of tricks which now also in the large number are presented to networks. After studying all theoretical part, it is possible to try to repeat the trick. At initial stages of occupations by parkour to learn to do tricks it is better in the hall as there are less opportunities to get the difficult trauma. For the obstacle it is possible to use the gymnastic buck. And only after tricks in the hall will be perfected, it is possible to go outside. First of all it is necessary to learn to jump correctly both from the place and from running start. In it there is nothing ridiculous, jumps in parkour have the method of execution. At the running jump the majority beginning treyser take several big steps just before the jump. It is the most widespread mistake. For the correct performance of this trick it is necessary to take small steps before the jump. At standing jumps it is necessary to accustom to work the body symmetrically. Then it is possible to pass to jumps with the support to hands. And to the correct landings.

3. It is important to Treyser not to forget about healthy nutrition. The parkour though extreme sport, nevertheless are sport for which besides big energy consumption is necessary. In particular the person who is doing parkour in day needs 110-115 grams of proteins, 450-500 grams of carbohydrates, 20-30 grams of fats and also B6, B12, E and C vitamins, minerals Calcium, Magnesium, Iron. All these useful substances can be found in usual products which the person consumes daily, it is important to watch the correct proportions and not to be fond. Besides, for the best work of all organism it is necessary to receive polyvitamins. And it is impossible to drink at all carbonated drinks as they weaken bone tissue and also interferes with removal from muscle tissue of lactic acid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team