How to do the bench press with the back deflection

How to do the bench press with the back deflection

Bench press - one of general power exercises. It is difficult to overestimate value of the bench press in "creation" of the body. Performance of exercise with the deflection of the back can increase considerably working and maximum weight.


Knowing the proper technique of the press with the deflection, you will be able to achieve good results for short terms. There are several nuances on which it is also worth focusing the attention.

At first it is necessary to undertake the correct grip the post. There are two most acceptable options: the grip on the signature stamp "risochka" (put with the producer of the post) and the grip on width of shoulders. If nearby there is training, it is desirable to ask it "to secure" - during the press of big scales it is of especially great importance.

The next preparatory stage - the deflection of the back. It is necessary, strong holding the post, "to be gone" under it. For this purpose shoulders need to be pressed strong to the bench and it is greatest possible "to direct" all other body to shoulders. Straighten the breast, strain the back. Now it is possible to start directly the press with the deflection. Remove the post from stances, very slowly lower it on the breast. Frequent mistake of beginners: "to throw" the post on the breast for the "fast" press. Such approach not only is inefficient, but also is injury-causing. First, on "heavy" scales the post which instantly fell on the breast not "will give itself to reap" - muscles won't be ready to it. Secondly, falling of the post can injure the thorax. Therefore it is necessary to lower the signature stamp slowly, excepting inertia, distributing of shoulders. The press tricepses and bicepses is appropriate in other cases - the press with the deflection allows to squeeze out the maximum, and it is possible to reach the maximum only by means of large humeral muscles. Final "chord" - victorious raising of the post after contact of the breast. The contact is necessary as psychologically, and for increase in range of the press. Slow lowering of the post distributing of shoulders kind of pulled "bowstring". In hands a lot of energy accumulated - it is a high time to splash out "all rage" on the post. Rise, unlike "descent", has to be the rapid continuous movement, the most explosive. After the press send the post to stances - the help of the workmate is useful here.

Strategy of trainings

Rest between approaches isn't less important, than efforts during the press. During the break it is desirable to relax, restore breath completely. Couple of jokes told the workmate will help to discharge tension and to be prepared for following "calling". It is desirable to do trainings on the press with the deflection isn't more often than two times a week - otherwise you will exhaust the organism values.

Small cunnings

Use of gloves or magnesia will help to lift big weight. Protection of hands against callosities on record approaches is critical. If you decide to use gloves, it is desirable to get the set with "open fingers" - it will be so possible to control the signature stamp more reliably. Magnesia use defends in callosities less, than gloves, but provides bigger "feeling of the signature stamp". Will help to perform exercises the press with the deflection qualitatively on flexibility of the back. Also don't forget about importance of the warm-up preceding trainings even of the best athletes.

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