How to do the cardiac massage

How to do the cardiac massage

Artificial cardiac massage – the system of measures for resumption of blood circulation of the person after the stoppage of warm activity. Direct massage is carried out only at surgical intervention. And the indirect cardiac massage at observance of some simple rules and at possession of certain skills can make everyone.


1. First aid to the person who is in unconsciousness includes, first of all, performing artificial respiration. But one this measure happens insufficiently. It is necessary to remember as well action of the heart and pulse which is the main sign of activity of the organism.

2. Heart can stop in case of the directed kick in it, as a result of drowning, poisoning, at electric shock. Some heart diseases can be also followed by the stoppage of warm activity. It is possible to refer burn defeats, overcooling or heatstroke to the possible reasons of the cardiac standstill.

3. At the cardiac standstill the blood circulation foul is observed, up to its complete cessation. Result – approach of so-called clinical death. Only the cardiac massage is capable to save the person in such situation.

4. Action of the heart consists in its periodic compression and relaxation. For this reason after the cardiac standstill it is required to restore reduction and the cardiomegaly by intervention from the outside.

5. To start the person it is necessary to lay on the firm surface. It can be the Earth's surface or the table. After that about sixty times a minute follow rhythmical movements, with frequency, to squeeze the breast in the area where heart is located. It is the lower left half of the breast.

6. Pressing is carried usually out with use of inside of the wrist of the left hand. Additional pressure is reached by the fact that on the left hand impose the palm of the right hand. At the same time through the chest bone the pressing effort extends to heart. Pressure force has to be such is that the chest bone moved approximately on five centimeters in the direction of the backbone.

7. The described actions lead to reduction of heart when pressing and to its relaxation at the time of the pressing termination. Through certain time the heart, as a rule, begins to work independently, without intervention from the outside.

8. It is necessary to remember that the indirect cardiac massage is the effective measure of resuscitation at simultaneous performing artificial respiration. It is connected with the fact that the cardiac standstill leads to the breath termination. Technology of actions is as follows: after fifteen pressings on the thorax three artificial breaths follow.

9. Carrying out the cardiac massage demands certain experience therefore it is desirable to use it only in case of obvious need.

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