How to do the diving by the deflection

How to do the diving by the deflection

Extensive and difficult group of the receptions which are carried out in fight in the stance are divings the deflection. Carrying out them, attacking falls, caving in in the back and transferring the opponent through itself. The turn the breast to the carpet of attacking is characteristic of the finishing part of this reception.

It is required to you

  • - wrestling mat or mats;
  • - opponent or effigy.


1. Call the opponent on reception. For this purpose give it the opportunity to make to you the diving the deflection. At the moment when attacked tries to take capture, be ahead of him and execute the same diving, perhaps, with the same capture.

2. Choose the most convenient for you capture option. It can be executed by hands, by one of hands, for the trunk, by the hand and the trunk, for the neck and the trunk, by the hand and the neck. Take capture, having approached the opponent, and bend a little leg in knees.

3. Put off balance the opponent. Execute the breakaway from the carpet attacked. If you make the breakaway from the carpet of the opponent and falling at the same time, then make breakthrough hands up-back, reject the head back, straighten legs and cave in at the same time. In this case direct total efforts up-back. If you carry out the breakaway from the carpet attacked earlier than falling begins, then execute at first the opponent's breakaway, and then already, bending legs, falling a little then execute breakthrough - having lined, having transferred through itself the opponent. This option is justified if your opponent of smaller growth.

4. Execute the turn the breast to the carpet with application of the bridge or without. The turn depends on height of capture, its density and also at most the podbiva, behavior during the opponent's diving. The above you took capture, the less its density, the less force of the podbiv, the below carry out the turn under equal other conditions. It is more favorable to make the turn, without touching the carpet by the head. In this case less time for performance of reception is spent and falling force increases by the carpet of attacked. The turn depending on conditions of fight can be made with the support on the leg towards which the turn, or with the support on the leg opposite to the party of the turn becomes.

5. Execute deduction and the opponent's doge.

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