How to do the reverse grip on the horizontal bar

How to do the reverse grip on the horizontal bar

Exercises on the horizontal bar help the athlete to create the muscular corset, to correct the bearing, to increase force and endurance. One of general exercises on the horizontal bar is "reverse grip".


The feature of the reverse grip consists in "non-standard" arrangement of hands. It is necessary to put hands on the horizontal bar palms to the person. Hands have to be shoulder width apart. Then it is necessary to make the breath and to be tightened so that the neck was at least flush with the horizontal bar. Ideally it is desirable to lift the case even above.

"Reverse grip" contributes to the development of the broadest muscle of the back, the biceps and humeral muscles. It is impossible to do exercise breakthroughs, it is necessary to exclude inertia and to carry out pullings up due to efforts of hands and the back. Performance of "reverse grip" is given to many athletes much more simply, than "classical" pullings up with palms on the horizontal bar "from the face". The fact is that in these exercises different groups of muscles work. For harmonious development it is desirable to alternate "classical" trainings to "return".

Strategy of trainings

Working approaches will allow you longer and more effectively "to work" on the horizontal bar, than when approaching "on the maximum". The size of repetitions in working approach pays off as 70-80% of the record of rises by the reverse grip. If you were brought up 20 times, 3-4 approaches till 14-16 times make sense to be tightened. Also you can alternate trainings classical "reverse grip" to trainings narrow "reverse grip" at which hands are at distance of 15-25 cm from each other. Thus you will be able to involve additional muscles of the back and the breast.

Assessment of results

It is possible to estimate results in sport only after a little long time. So, if you work 1-2 months on 3 times a week, at the due calculation you can feel empowered, growth of muscle bulk on hands and the back, reduction of fat layers. "Training dairy" can strongly help the beginning athlete too. Write down in it any changes of growth and weight, number of approaches on days, the program of food. Tracking the work will allow to learn lessons from all positive and negative training points.

Useful tips

Muscles grow not during the trainings, and during the recovery period. The healthy nutrition, the dream and "useful laziness" during rest aren't less important, than intensive exercises on the horizontal bar. For trainings "rivalry" on the number of repetitions or number of approaches with your adherents can give motivation. Pulling up in tournaments is set off only in case the chin is in the top phase high bars. The bigger number of repetitions will help to make the leather gloves defending hands in callosities. Especially protection of hands is relevant for beginners whose callosities can nullify sports enthusiasm.

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