How to do the side somersault

How to do the side somersault

The somersault is one of elements of acrobatics and the modern art of jumps - parkour. Skilled jumpers can carry out its different types: back, front and side. It is possible to learn these receptions independently, and then to please the friends and guests with their masterful performance.

It is required to you

  • mats or soft floor covering


1. If you want to learn to carry out the side somersault, you need to find the room where very soft floor. Especially well any gym with soft mats will be suitable for this purpose. Found the suitable room, start trainings. It is necessary to carry out the somersault the push of one leg and the simultaneous swing another with the subsequent take-off from the earth both legs. Begin the movement with running start, then jump up, making the following arm movements: that which goes towards spin has to leave back, and opposite - forward. At take-off the first hand moves forward, and the second - in front back. Surely master this jump before you pass to performance of the somersault.

2. After the jump is mastered, begin to learn to take off from it. It is necessary to do it so that to land on straight legs. Then begin to carry out, actually, the somersault. Do it usually in that party in which do the wheel. Here only surely before performance of the somersault it is necessary to be defined in what party you will do it. It depends usually on that, it turns out far better.

3. You look the face and the breast forward when you begin to move. If you want to carry out it in the direction to the right, then you need to make turn by means of the right leg and the swing of the corresponding hand up, the left shoulder at this moment has to go down.

4. But don't forget to be rolled before take-off from the heel on the sock. So it is necessary to put the leg in order that the push at hop was stronger, even in spite of the fact that such pose very inconvenient. Finish the swing with the right leg bending it in the knee.

5. Also the early group of all body is the key to successful turnover. By the time of when you already come off the floor, the body has to be carefully collected in uniform group. It needs to be taken swing movement of the hand. But in order that to leave turnover easily and without serious consequences, too tight tuck doesn't need to be done. Otherwise you won't be able to make any movement in it.

6. At the exit from the somersault you learn to straighten legs correctly. For this purpose it is necessary to straighten at first the swing leg, and then jog. Final landing can cause many difficulties. If it is incorrect to execute it, it is easily possible to suffer serious injuries of knees. That it didn't occur, be trained in advance: lay down the back on the sublime plane with the edge, be grouped and begin to be rolled with the break point on legs. It is desirable to do it on the soft surface, all in the same gym hall.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team