How to do tricks on BMX

How to do tricks on BMX

To learn to do tricks on BMX to the beginning rider not so simply. It is necessary to own well driving the bicycle, to have quite good physical training and to show consideration especially for safety measures.


1. The trick which has to nobility and be able each rider is called Bunny Hop. It serves for overcoming small obstacles and in the course of performance of BMX completely is groundless.

2. Most of beginners, having seen this trick from outside and trying to repeat it, try to lift at a time both wheels in air. But at them it is rare that turns out as this method is incorrect.

3. Go on the BMX at slow pace. Make breakthrough hands to lift the front wheel on the necessary height (but be not overzealous not to turn over). At the moment when this wheel begins to rise, transfer body weight forward that back was leveled.

4. Wall Tap is considered more professional feint. Apparently from the name, this trick is performed with the wall. During its performance the rider completely changes "floor orientation" for "wall".

5. Having dispersed to average pace and having calculated right time before the wall, tear off both wheels from the earth, as in the trick Bannikhop (it is necessary to lift the front wheel to 90 degrees that the bicycle rose in the vertical position). When you feels collision with the wall, from all force make a start in the opposite direction. But do it not by the back and the body, but hands and BMX not to turn over.

6. The trick of Frontflip is considered one of the most effective and difficult performed by. It becomes on the stage and for its performance it is desirable to prepare good equipment not to be traumatized. This feint implies turn by 360 degrees in air at the jump from the stage.

7. Drive up to the edge of the stage, being careful also slow speed. As soon as the front wheel of your bicycle reaches optimum height, transfer the weight of the upper body through the wheel. If you manage it, then the back part is big by inertia and small efforts will be thrown by trace. It is the best of all to study this trick at the special stage with the hole filled with foam rubber.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team