How to do tricks on boards

How to do tricks on boards

Did you get the skateboard and now want to learn not just to ride it, but also to perform tricks, like "cool" skateboarders? In it there is nothing difficult if you enough find for time to the hobby to master new elements and to constantly perfect the skill. You will be able to find instructions to performance of several most ordinary jumps in this article.


1. Ollies "Ollies" are the main and, probably, the simplest trick which is performed on the board. "Ollies" is when the skateboarder jumps up above the ground together with the board, and it seems to people around that the board is kind of pasted to his boots. Disperse on the board, but it isn't really strong. The foot of the leading leg arrange on the middle of the board, or slightly ahead. The take-off foot arrange on the back part of the board. Bend knees a little. Now you need to make so-called slap shot. It represents the flick the take-off foot by the back part of the board. Right after you made slap shot, make a start from the earth together with the board. Make a start your take-off foot conducting you have to extend the board, that is the foot of the leading leg make on the board the movement up-down. Exactly thanks to it the effect of "prikleennost" is also created. Now begin to land. Actually, there is no special technology of landing on the skateboard, it is possible to perfect this ability, only constantly practicing. Put legs to skateboard bolts.

2. 50-50 grind Disperse on the board quite strongly. Put legs as it is necessary to put them for the trick "Ollies". Quite close drive up to that side on which you are going to jump. Now you look at that place where you want to jump, make the movement, approximately as for "Ollies" and jump on the side. To go down, or reach until the end of the side, or make "Ollie" to that place where you want to jump.

3. BS Pop shove it This trick represents the jump at which the board under you is scrolled by 180 degrees, and you remain aren't mobile. First of all, well master the jump "Ollies" - it is the basis of this jump. Disperse, legs on the board arrange the same as for the trick "Ollies". Make slap shot, same as for "Ollies", but you don't slide the leg on the board, and leave it in the middle. When the board does slap shot about the earth, the back foot pull back and to it control turn of the board.

4. Kickflip This jump is similar to "Ollies", only before the landing it is necessary to make turnover of the board. Put the back foot on the board tail, and the lobby – on the middle. The lobby at the same time has to act slightly. Do still as at the jump "Ollies", only the leg you slide not up, and top and aside. In this case the board will be spun under legs. When you see that the board made the whole revolution, get up on it and land. Also you remember: safety above all! Good luck to you in development of new tricks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team