How to do tricks on the snowskate

How to do tricks on the snowskate

The snowskate – excellent sports equipment which is suitable for commission of various tricks in winter season. You can jump on parapets and slide on them, without losing balance. However for this purpose it is necessary to understand the theory of tricks and to fix their performance in practice.

It is required to you

  • - snowskate;
  • - handrail (obstacle);
  • - helmet;
  • - boots for the board;
  • - overalls;
  • - trousers.


1. Study the trick under the name ""boardslide"". Get up on the snowskate, place boots in bindings and jump on the handrail. You slide or the back (""backside"") forward, or the face (""frontside"").

2. Deal with how it is necessary to do correctly the first option of this trick, namely ""backside boardslide"". It is extremely simple. At run on the handrail turn out teyl (the back part of the board) forward so that it appeared perpendicular to the venue on which you slide. Remember that the board can leave unexpectedly forward. In this case just translate body weight a little forward.

3. You watch also that the surface on which you perform this and other tricks, was absolutely smooth, i.e. without any protruding edges. Otherwise it will be fraught with serious falling and injuries. As soon as you drove up to the outskirts of the handrail, pull off abrupt movement the board and tighten the trunk.

4. Practice to execute also the second type – the trick of ""frontside boardslide"". The complexity of this element is that it is rather problematic to keep on the board, sliding the back forward. For a start it will be rather simple to you to stand in this stance, having turned the body and the head in the direction of sliding. When you already come around on the venue, develop by 90 degrees the board nose towards run, and the back part (""tail"") – towards the handrail (boom). Try to stiffen in such pose. Make the descent by the principle of ""backside boardslide"".

5. Study the trick under the name "50 on 50". It is one of the easiest elements on the snowskate. The essence is that you should get the middle of the surface of the stock on the venue which by the sizes is less than the board. Make the descent as follows: lean on the back foot and land on snow, having turned the snowskate by 180 degrees.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team