How to drink the protein it is correct

How to drink the protein it is correct

The protein is the most popular type of sports food. Protein cocktails are used by each athlete respecting himself. The protein will fit into your sports diet regardless of the purpose - weight loss, the set of weight or work on the relief.

The foreign word "protein" means only "protein" - and it is the main construction material for muscles. Growth of muscle bulk, increase in force and endurance - the main tasks of the bodybuilder, so, athletes need to use enough protein, otherwise their muscles just won't grow. In usual life the people receive protein from food - meat, fish, eggs, milk, bean. But at increase in loadings the need for the protein sharply increases several times. Besides, it is necessary to resupply protein as soon as possible. For those who aren't able to eat 5 chicken breasts for once, and the protein in the form of powder was thought up.

The protein is used and in days of rest - in this case its portion decreases.

The most popular type of the protein is cooked from whey. It is well acquired and costs not so much as, for example, egg. The serumal concentrate has in structure up to 60% of protein, and isolate - up to 80%. The serumal protein belongs to fast-acquired. It is more preferable to drink it right after the training, within the hour. It will stop the destruction of muscles beginning after power loadings and will start restoration process. At the long training it is possible to drink the protein between exercises. Some athletes use protein cocktails for the hour prior to the training. It helps muscles to work longer and increases their endurance. However it is in this situation better to replace the protein with amino acids.

Casein is the protein of whey with addition of stvorazhivayushchy enzymes. Casein is acquired long enough and throughout the long time keeps feeling of satiety. This type of the protein is drunk for the night to suppress destruction of muscles while you sleep.

Natural analog of casein - cottage cheese.

Also there are geyner - protein mix with carbohydrates and the small amount of fats. Geynera are intended for very fast set of weight. But they will suit people, only not inclined to completeness, with very low level of the fat layer. Otherwise the geyner can cause completeness. The protein is issued in the form of powder from which cocktail is cooked. Depending on your lot and intensity of trainings for one portion 1-3 measured scoops undertake. Powder mixes up with liquid in the special shaker. It is possible to mix the protein with any liquid - water, milk, juice, everyone selects according to the taste. The made drink needs to be drunk within 3-4 hours. Especially experienced athletes do ice cream of the protein and even cook pastries, using powder instead of flour.

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