How to eat at fitness classes

How to eat at fitness classes

In order that exercises in the gym brought the greatest benefit, food at fitness classes has to be competent. Otherwise it is possible not to receive results at all or even to do much harm to the organism.

The program of fitness food has to be constructed on fractional meal. That is it is better to divide the day diet not into 3 dense meals, and for 5-6 small portions. For this purpose it is necessary to take the prepared dishes for work and even to the gym. At the same time it is harmful to be fond of semi-finished products, fried, fat and too sweet foods. The breakfast has to be much kaloriyny, than other meals. And the dinner is obliged to be the lung.

Food before fitness has to include carbohydrates and proteins. Because carbohydrates are the glycogen source, and proteins – suppliers of amino acids. They provide muscles with energy. Greasy food before the training should be excluded in general as it very much slows down digestion process. As a result during the occupation there can be the eructation, nausea and gripes. On the contrary, potatoes with low-fat beefsteak, rice with meat of any bird and bread of the rough grinding and also oat omelet from proteins of eggs will become the best provisions. But these viands can be eaten only in 2 hours prior to exercises. And for half an hour to them it is better to drink the glass of milk drink or to eat some fruit. At the same time strong green tea will help to burn excess fat layers.

Food during fitness classes consists in plentiful drink. The organism during power loadings through formation of sweat loses a lot of moisture. It is important to maintain water balance and not to bring the body to dehydration. At the same time it isn't necessary to be guided by the feeling of thirst. Desire to drink during the strengthened training can be suppressed with receptors. The person, the less his sensitivity to feeling of thirst is more senior. Therefore often before becoming thirsty, adults at first can feel the headache, fatigue, dizziness and dryness in the mouth. It is necessary to drink in advance not to find in itself these symptoms. It is daily recommended to drink not less than 3-3.5 l of water. Food after fitness has to consist of proteinaceous and carbohydrate food also. The first meal has to be not later, than the first 20 minutes after the training. All calories which will be acquired in this period of time will direct not on formation of fats in the organism, and for formation of dense muscle bulk. The best way out – to use the taken food right after the occupation. It can be fruit, vegetables, pasta, rice, potatoes, sugar, jam, bread and also proteins of eggs, veal, the breast of the bird, fish, etc. Liquid carbohydrate drinks because of the bigger content in them of fructose and glucose are best of all acquired after loadings (for example, grape or cranberry juice). Greasy food will only slow down intake of useful substances in muscles therefore again it is better to exclude it. It is necessary to avoid cheeses, yogurt, cottage cheese and milk. Proteinaceous food on volume has to find room in one palm. And carbohydrates can be calculated as follows: 1 g on 1 kg of weight. It is possible to have coffee and tea only before the training and in 2 hours after it. Otherwise these drinks slow down receipt of the glycogen in muscles.

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