How to eat at occupations bodybuilding properly

How to eat at occupations bodybuilding properly

Healthy nutrition – the major component during creation of the "beautiful" body. It has to include the set of necessary ingredients. Also healthy food has to correspond to the number of the basic principles, especially if you do bodybuilding.


Carbohydrates are the chief supplier of energy in the organism. This energy is spent at trainings. Carriers of carbohydrates: pasta, porridges, bread, fruit. It is desirable to use 70% of carbohydrates in the first half of day – so they will manage "to burn down" and won't turn into fats.

Not all carbohydrates are useful equally. Rye bread of the rough grinding is more useful, than wheat white. Cellulose and nutritional value of these products strikingly differ.


Protein – construction material of the organism. In order that the muscle cell increased, it is necessary "to break off" the former "sickly" muscle cell at the training, then to allow it to have a rest (during slow walk, the dream) and to be restored, increase in the size. For increase the cage will need "food" – protein. Many bodybuilders use the protein mixes facilitating process of receiving and digestion of protein. Consumption of protein cocktails – the good way of "collecting" proteins, however you shouldn't be limited to artificial mixes. Milk, fish and meat will provide you with enough the "natural" protein. Notice that not all eaten protein can be acquired by the organism. About 2 grams of protein in terms of 1 kg of weight of the athlete a day are recommended to use. Surplus of protein not only doesn't do well, and even harms the organism, turning into fat and slags.


It is desirable to reduce the content of fats in food at bodybuilding to the maximum. Besides this principle doesn't extend to the milk fats promoting digestion of proteins, containing amino acids.

Useful tips

The use of vitamins is required for organic development of the organism: digestion of proteins, conclusion of toxins, power exchange. At the same time, if there is the opportunity, it is desirable to use natural products – nuts (vitamins D and PP), fresh fruit (A, C), grain bread (B3, B6), quail eggs (E). If there is no such opportunity to regularly use vitamin-rich products, you can buy the inexpensive multivitamin complex in drugstore. Some bodybuilders consciously divide the food (and training process) into two polar parts: "force" and "drying". During "power" food it is possible to eat almost everything, without special restrictions. Fast food, food rich with carbohydrates, fats and calories promotes progress in heavy lifting at trainings. The muscles hidden behind the fat layer are so got. During "drying" the consumption of fats and carbohydrates is reduced, "fat stocks" are burned, and muscles appear in all beauty.

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