How to eat before the competition

How to eat before the competition

For preparation for sports competitions it is necessary to eat so that the organism could reserve enough energy which it will "burn" in the course of active exercise stresses. That it became possible, the athlete has to make the correct food allowance and strictly observe it.


1. For transformation of fats into the glucose necessary for power generation, the organism has to receive enough oxygen and carbohydrates. His endurance will be defined first of all by quantity of the glycogen which is contained in muscles and the liver – at disappearance of its stocks of people begins to feel the fever, weakness and dizziness. To avoid it, before competitions surely eat food rich with carbohydrates.

2. When receiving by the organism of necessary amount of oxygen, the liver will turn lactic acid into additional fuel. However at excess of his physical capacities, the liver can't satisfy all needs of the organism for energy any more that leads to accumulation of lactic acid in muscles and emergence of the painful feelings forcing the athlete to stop the exercise stress.

3. Before competitions it is necessary to enter potatoes, whole-grain bread, rice and sauces into the diet. It is necessary to reduce amount of the used fats and spices which complicate process of digestion and contribute to the development of dyspepsia from bean products. Also it is necessary to minimize one day before the competitions the use of cellulose in the form of fresh fruit and vegetable salads as it can lead to the gastric disturbance.

4. Besides, it is necessary to exclude from the diet sausages and very salty products which will result in thirst – and the use of the increased amount of liquid, in turn, will slow down movements of the athlete and will make heavier it. To avoid it, it is necessary to put at preparation in food the small amount of salt which will allow to save the organism from heatstroke, but won't detain in it liquid. The last having a snack has to occur in four hours prior to the competitions, but not later – otherwise, nedoperevarenny food can yzvat the nausea, stitches provoked by the gases which accumulated in intestines. Many athletes are nervous before competitions and therefore suffer from lack of appetite, without receiving food even in five or six hours prior to their start that also negatively affects endurance of the organism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team