How to establish bindings on skis

How to establish bindings on skis

Ski bindings are divided into three types: they can be soft, rigid and semifixed. The first type is almost not applied today as soft bindings don't allow to operate skis precisely and quickly.

Semifixed ski bindings are metal brackets which fasten to skis, and the belts with buckles intended to hold footwear in the bracket. This type of bindings is quite widespread as they are reliable and are suitable for any footwear, that is special boots aren't required. Semifixed bindings less strong and convenient, than rigid, besides they it is heavier. Stiff bindings are intended for special ski boots, but at adjustment can be suitable for different footwear. Arrangement of spikes and the sizes – standard.

As it is correct to establish bindings on skis

To establish bindings on skis independently, first of all, it is necessary to define the ski center of gravity. For this purpose it is necessary to turn it, to put the middle on the sharp edge of the knife or ruler and to move the subject along the ski until it receives the balance position (the ski has to rise horizontally). Note the found line on outer side. After the center of gravity is defined, we start the next stage of installation. Usually complete with the binding there is the template by means of which it is possible to plan the provision of each opening for screws to establish bindings on skis correctly. Here you also need the line of the center of gravity noted earlier: determine right arrangement of the template on the ski by it. Having planned location of screws, drill openings which depth will be a little less than length of screws. In them it is necessary to pour the small amount of epoxy resin (sometimes special glue is included in the package of delivery). Now you can fasten the binding.

We check

Always it is necessary to check – whether bindings are correctly established. For this purpose undertake the boot and raise it and the attached ski. If all of you made truly, its front part will outweigh, and the cargo platform at the same time will nestle on the boot sole.  

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