How to expand the back

How to expand the back

The back represents huge layer of muscles on the human body. Than your back is wider, that you look massivny. Many don't understand how to make it more. It is for this purpose important to study the most effective exercises for study of the back.

It is required to you

  • - Horizontal bar;
  • - post;
  • - T-signature stamp;
  • - sportswear.


1. Do chin-ups wide grip of hands. This general exercise for study of the upper part of the back. So, undertake broad setting of hands the top grip the horizontal bar. Hang on it, later be tightened, trying to touch with the top part of the breast of the horizontal bar. Be late on shares of seconds in the top point, then come back to the first position.

2. Do draft of the post in bending. This exercise will help you to create dense muscles in the top part of your back. Though it also doesn't influence properly the back bottom. Do it as follows. Get up before the post, place legs a little and take the apparatus the upper grip. Bend knees a little, be crossed forward until your case isn't almost parallel to the floor. You hold the back directly, you will raise the head and tear off the post from the floor and hold it on outstretched arms approximately at the level of ankles. Using only back muscles, pull the apparatus up until it concerns the prelum abdominale. Controlling the movement, lower the post in the initial position and begin to do next time.

3. Learn draft on t signature stamp. This effective exercise promotes accumulation of muscle bulk and force of the external and middle part of the back. Get up on the block, place a little leg and bend them in knees. Undertake the T-signature stamp the top grip of hands. Straighten the legs and bend down forward approximately by 45 degrees. In this situation pull the apparatus on yourself before contact of the breast. Later lower the post also on outstretched arms, without allowing to touch with it the floor.

4. Carry out stanovy draft of the post. It is necessary to tellIt is necessary to tell about this exercise separately as it is the main and the heaviest in accumulation of weight and force. It directly influence development of muscles of the back, especially in the lower part. So, approach the post which lies on the floor. Bend knees, be crossed forward and the average grip undertake the signature stamp. Both hands have to be from above. You hold the back directly to avoid the excessive tension and injuries. Give primary acceleration to legs and begin the movement up. Become straight with the post, you will directly not stand yet. Then straighten the breast and take away shoulders a little back. When lowering the post, bend knees and bend a little forward to lower the post.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team