How to fill kick

How to fill kick

Often, in the absence of preparation, having even come out the winner from the fight, it is possible to be traumatized, from the ripped skin to dislocated joints. Stuffing is applied to prepare shock surfaces to receive kick, to transfer big loadings. In other words, that at kick there was no severe pain. Also stuffing reduces risk if doesn't exclude to receive serious injury.


1. The first that needs to be understood, carrying out stuffing that it shouldn't cause the trauma at all. Therefore it is very important to know when to stop "". It is possible to get various injuries on which treatment a lot of time will leave. Therefore it is important to approach stuffing process rationally and to listen carefully to the recommendations of the coach.

2. Perhaps, the most widespread way of stuffing is the work from makivary. It is the simple apparatus for working off of kicks, both hands, and legs, series of kicks. Also the makivara is convenient for working off of side-winders and behind. There are many types of this apparatus, but the simplest - the thin bar vryty to the earth and wound by fabric in the field of kick.

3. During stuffing you shouldn't forget about the technique. If kick is correctly put, can safely start the training. The main thing, perform exercises regularly, gradually increasing loading, so to speak, ""without fanaticism"". At the first stage there will be enough 40-50 kicks by each hand. Over time pain will begin to disappear, and the number of kicks can be increased.

4. It is necessary to be engaged in stuffing daily. Only the regularity of occupations will help to achieve necessary result. Important, accurately to perceive sensations of pain. If pain begins to increase, stop stuffing.

5. It is possible to be engaged in stuffing also at home. For this purpose you don't need special equipment. You strike easy blows to the wall, in the half of force (the main thing, don't injure the hand). It will strengthen shock surfaces. Be most careful. The wall will be heavy to be punched, to put it mildly, therefore any your hard shot will be given to your hand with the bigger force. It will inevitably lead to the trauma. Push-ups on fists help to strengthen bones of fists also. It is possible to stand as well as on two speakers bones, and on all four. And so, it will also be so correct.

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