How to find the sponsor for the athlete

How to find the sponsor for the athlete

Sport – business serious, especially if to approach it from financial side. Happens that very talented and capable athlete remains unnoticed society, and that he should work somewhere to earn to themselves on livelihood, sports potential and remains unused.


1. For the solution of the financial question both in sports, and in many other spheres of life, there is the sponsorship. If you the talented athlete wishing to build sports career, to live for the sake of hobby and to be fond for the sake of life, then first of all be shown in society, disclose the talent in public, do so that knew as much as possible people about you. Participate in various sports competitions in your city. Try to get also on regional and regional competitions. Make every effort to it.

2. Visit the special sites on which athletes look for the sponsors, register the account and actively untwist it, adding various data on your sports progress and achievements. Fill up the portfolio more often.

3. In case you found for yourself the potential sponsor, competently be presented or address the director of the company or the director of public relations if that is available in the company.

4. Make the address of 4 parts: - justification. In it competently make the summary, describe your plans for the future; - advantages. Here describe what advantages will be had by the sponsoring company during the work with you; - alternative. In this point raise the questions concerning various bonuses from the company, such as, for example, monetary bonuses for any given achievements, commodity bonuses, the paid trips and so on; - opportunities. Present several ideas which will help to expand popularity of products or the trademark with use of features of your cooperation with the company.

5. At the final stage attentively study the term of the contract offered to you by the sponsoring company. In terms of the contract certain plans of the company which can quicker be implemented from work with you are concluded. Carry out everything in order that these plans led to the expected results.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team