How to fix legs if they the au-shaped form

Some women have complex concerning the 0-shaped shape of legs. Of course, completely it won't be possible to eliminate such defect, but to correct a little your legs and to do their more attractive will help simple exercises.


1. Squat with widely divorced legs is ideal for the 0-shaped shape of legs. Perform such exercise daily throughout the long time, maybe, even more than a year. You will see that through time the curvature became less noticeable.

2. Daily, every morning you go on socks within the minute, then as much time on the internal and outer side of feet. Repeat such exercise of 5-6 times.

3. Become directly. Cross legs and slowly sit down on the floor, then slowly rise. Execute 15-20 times. Replace crossing in other direction and repeat.

4. Turn facing the wall and do serially leg swings back. Then be developed to the wall sideways, undertake one hand it for the emphasis and carry out forward swings, aside, back. Repeat 15-20 times. Replace situation and execute other leg.

5. Pick up dumbbells. Get up, having slightly bent elbows, put legs together. Alternately do lunges by each leg forward. Carry out till 15-20 repetitions.

6. Put heels together socks apart. Take dumbbells or the post, bend hands in shoulders. Squat on tiptoe 30 — 40 times. Try to hold the back exactly.

7. Pick up dumbbells, make the deep squat. Do jumps, kind of jumping out of this situation up. Carry out 30-40 times with small pauses.

8. Standing exactly, in dumbbell hands, carry out various hops. At first on the place, then turning around the axis, moving ahead, in the parties, back. Try to jump as it is possible above. Begin with 40 hops, gradually you reach 100.

9. Finish the set of exercises with running on the spot on tiptoe. Run at first 10 minutes, gradually increase duration up to 30 minutes.

10. Such exercises are suitable for any age. But if you begin to carry out them at early age, then the result will be much better.

11. Be engaged daily, be not interrupted even during the easy indisposition. Then your gastrocnemius muscles will get the beautiful form, and you will cease to complain about curvature of legs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team