How to float by the boat

How to float by the boat

Since ancient times the person tried to diversify the environment with various useful devices which facilitate activity. One of types of such technological assistants is transport. Different types of transport are irreplaceable in certain conditions. Let's find out how it is possible to move on water by means of the boat.


1. Get the boat or take in the hire at the boat station.

2. Deliver the boat to the coast. For this purpose use the trailer or order delivery. Lay the inflatable boat in the backpack, without having forgotten to take also the pump.

3. Provide the life jacket. It is useful if you be in water far from the coast.

4. For cases when the case of the watercraft is damaged, or waves will throw waters in it, take convenient capacity to take out overboard water.

5. Float the vessel. The inflatable boat to pump up air is previously necessary.

6. Check existence of oars (if the boat provides it), bindings of masts (in case of the sailboat) and if it large, existence of cargo of the employee the anchor. On the motor boat install the motor if it is removable. Fuel according to the instruction attached to it, following fire safety regulations.

7. Get into the boat, trying not to turn it. Pull out the anchor from water or untie it.

8. For the rowboat insert oars into oarlocks. Conveniently settle down so that the back was turned into the nasal part of the boat. In the motor boat settle down in the back part at the motor.

9. Begin to work with oars alternately or synchronously, either start the motor or straighten the sail and catch the fair wind.

10. Periodically adjust the direction of the movement: for the sailing vessel – sails, for the motor boat – changing turn around the motor fixture axis, and for the rowboat – rendering smaller efforts to the oar of one of boards.

11. Be the attentive captain, avoid various barriers which are possible in water – the shallow, snags, dense thickets of seaweed and so forth. If it is possible, in advance find out the safe route from the place of your start to the final point. Or at least ask what places it is the best of all to avoid for that type of the boat by which you went in to swim.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team