How to float quicker

How to float quicker

Many fans of swimming quite often are interested in the question how to improve the results? How to train speed in swimming? If you are the fan of swimming, and these questions are interesting to you too, study recommendations below.


1. Work on the technique. Even if you are physically developed, not the fact that you use the potential at full capacity. Ask the coach that he looked at your movements and pointed to mistakes. You shouldn't be ashamed of the mistakes, even the famous athletes quite often reconstruct the technique.

2. Strengthen target muscles. The technique is a half more of business. Muscular potential can be raised too. Develop different groups of muscles, depending on style. Anyway it is necessary to strengthen back muscles, deltoid muscles and tricepses. For swimmings breast stroke also strong legs are necessary. With iron you shouldn't be zealous, it can result in downtroddenness of muscles and to deterioration in flexibility. Do exercises with body weight. It is possible to use block exercise machines.

3. Train lungs. With weak lungs in swimming there is nothing to do. However if regularly to train – it is possible to increase the volume of lungs. Otherwise, you won't be helped by the technique and strong muscles if you aren't able correctly to control breath.

4. Use flippers. If speed is necessary to you not for competitions, and only for absolute high-speed measures, can use the old checked way of swimming – with flippers.

5. Float under water. Under water resistance is less. At classical swimming competitions to you nobody will allow to plunge under water, but if you just compete with friends, can use this trick. Especially, if lungs are developed well.

6. Work on flexibility. The good flexibility will allow to do big range. It respectively will increase your speed. Perfect all these steps, and your speed will become more considerable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team