How to float the crawl

How to float the crawl

It is known that most quicker it is possible to float the crawl. Therefore this type of swimming is so popular at competitions. It is considered what to learn to float the crawl is impossible without theoretical instructions and practice. For this reason try to learn to float the crawl in the childhood.

The earlier you learn to swim, the better. It is correct to float the crawl rather easily. In this type of swimming if to observe the technique, the swimmer should make the minimum efforts.


Crolles is the absolute record holder on use at different freestyle swimming competitions. Swimmers practically don't divide the concept into "crawl" or "freestyle".

This method is by right the fastest. These are the fast alternate grebk which are carried out by halfbent hands. They are accompanied by constant vertical movements of equal legs. Having decided to learn to float independently, It should be notedIt should be noted the following instructions. The fungus should be carried out the bent hands at the high pose of the bend of the extremity. It turns out that the brush with the forearm will keep perpendicular to the necessary direction. Making the fungus, it is necessary to leave the palm flat, in addition at the same time fingers have to be densely close. The fungus should be carried out, adhering to the rhythm, with continuous effort, without delays. To reach this rhythm, the hand after make the fungus, have to after its end, accelerate. At the end of the grebk, just, when the hand is near the hip, it is necessary that the brush, the forearm with the shoulder left water, only in the return sequence. Before process of the bringing of the upper extremity, it is necessary to make so that the palm was directed a little up. It is necessary that position of your hips and the head constantly stayed at the uniform level. Thanks to increase in position of all trunk, it is possible to increase profitability of all technique considerably. So will easier coordinate movements.


To learn how quickly to float the crawl, it is necessary to observe true professionals. Their bodies are located in water with the maximum streamlining. The foot have to be placed at the depth of forty centimeters which is enough for marginal efficiency. It is impossible to carry out excess movements, the wrong position of all trunk can become their result. It is necessary to arrange shoulders a little above hips. The head has to be placed along the body axis. At this time cervical muscles practically don't strain. The breath should be made, sharply turning the head to that hand which just finishes the fungus. All return movements should be expedited very much that they completely coincided with the hand bringing.

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