How to force the horse to pass to faster pace

How to force the horse to pass to faster pace

Education of the horse represents training in her different types of teams, in particular, in ability on the signal of the rider to pass from one type of the pace to another. How to teach the horse to execute commands?


1. It is the best of all only for one rider to carry out training of the horse. In this case, it will be simpler to it to get used to the person and to acquire his requirements. To the young animal it isn't necessary to be excessively exacting, encourage him by voice, caress and accustom to yourself various delicacies, so it will be simpler to achieve trust.

2. All is allocated by four types of paces: the slowest – the step, then the lynx, even quicker gallop. The amble which is called still the wrong pace costs the separate look. Though this type of movement is convenient for the horseman, it it is harmfulis for health of the horse therefore equestrians most often refuse it. To accustom to pass the horse from one type of the pace to another on the signal of the horseman it is necessary gradually.

3. To begin the movement with step, you have to take seat strongly in the saddle, then cross the case forward and give the impetus of both shenkelyama. If the horse went too quickly, hold her with the occasion and if slowly – make one more message of the shenkelyama.

4. Having mastered the movement step, it is possible to pass to the lynx. To pass to this faster type of the pace, give the horse the signal frequent pushes shenkely until she doesn't understand what from it is required. Speed of training depends on temper of the horse. As a rule, it is rather simple to hot animal to weaken the occasion, and the horse itself will pass from the step to the lynx.

5. After you are able freely to move at a trot, teach to turn the horse into gallop, that is the pace in three paces. The rider gives the command: "Gallop – the march", accompanying the order with the movement shenkely. Well trained horse has to turn into gallop from the necessary leg, without showing disobedience attempts. If the animal takes too fast pace, hold it with the occasion.

6. When training in any teams be patient. It is better to hold several trainings in different days, than to excessively exhaust the animal, you remember that it has to trust you. Only then you will be able to achieve ideal implementation of commands.

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