How to force the man to lose weight

How to force the man to lose weight

The man's time quite carelessly treat the figure. Having a snack in operating time at the computer, results lack of regular physical activity in completeness. Not each corpulent man realizes that he needs to lose weight. Sometimes, to lose extra kilos, the help of the loving spouse is necessary.


1. Explain to the man that he needs to get rid of excess weight for own benefit. Normal weight is the indicator of health, and here to the stout person who doesn't wish to play sports, diabetes, elevated pressure, cardiovascular diseases, impotence threaten.

2. Let the husband know that he can count on your support. Encourage the slightest desires to change the lifestyle and to lose weight. It is possible that he doesn't wish to go to the gym alone, so begin to be engaged with it together, in the prize there will be both of you.

3. Stimulate the husband to lead the healthy lifestyle the own example. For example, if you want that he did exercises in the mornings, do it. Show that it gives you pleasure.

4. Reconsider the family diet. Some men don't represent the life without meat dishes if it is your case, you shouldn't delete meat from the menu, just cook food from low-fat beef, chicken fillet. The meat dishes steamed will be the most useful, cross them with vegetable salads, don't forget about the large number of greens.

5. Take the initiative. Arrange hour foot walks in the evenings if houses are rollers or the bicycle, use them. It is possible to ski and skate in the winter.

6. Think out small rewards for each couple of thrown-off kilograms or week of active sports activities for the husband. It should be done once again to show that his health is important that you care for it for you.

7. Don't compare the husband to thin men. Comparison you won't achieve positive result but only you will wound dear person. The husband has to be sure that you love him, irrespective of appearance. Only cordial and trusting relationship is capable to change the situation to the best.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team